Monday, December 10, 2007

For Suzy!

This is for our Suzy! She seems to think that for every page I do of Joshua I need to do one of her! She's such a little minx! She's 13 years old now and really hasn't changed all that much, i.e., she still likes to have her picture taken-over & over, she still needs us to tell her how pretty she is 50 times a day, and she still pouts and prances! The journaling on this page is about how we had to play "modeling" and she did the modeling and I was HER announcer! She was only 5 in this shot-such a little cutie!

Okay, Baby, there you go! It's published!


1 comment:

Flergs said...

Wow you are getting so good, your shadows look AMAZING!! Those butterflies look like they are flying off the page! Cute pose!!