Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Saturday!

What a week! Everyone is so busy getting ready for the holidays that it feels like I'm in fast forward speed even though I haven't really done much. All the online stores are offering special discounts and having designer contests and challenges. I've done all the Christmas shopping I plan on doing; had the car yesterday and finished up before I went and picked up my grocery order. That means Saturday is for me!

It's after three in the afternoon and so far I've watch a very informative "Healthwise" program on PBS that was about acid reflux disease. It seems that at my age there is no cure or help other than
continuing to take the proton inhibitor drugs. If I live too long my only hope is that they discover another drug to use because you form an immunity to the inhibitors and need to change.

I also worked on my Joshua's treasure box that I'm making him for Christmas. He likes to keep special things in a box so I thought I'd make him a special one just for him.

I've read my email and also read a very large newsletter from Stone Accent Studios. Purchased a couple of things that were on sale for a grand total of $3.30!

I'm getting ready to go to Scraphead and get Flergs' new kit Rough and Tumble and the glitter kit that goes with it. You don't have to buy the mega kit, you can just get the papers or just the elements or even just the glitters. Flergs is also doing special kits for PaintShop Pro, and making some quick pages too! Very, very busy young lady. Check out her designs:

I ought to think about getting the QP's but I never do, it sure would save me a lot of time! After I get Rough and Tumble I'm then going to watch a new DVD called The Best of Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques. I purchased it online for $20 plus like $6 in shipping-it better be worth all that since it only cost them $1.60 to mail it!

I'll be posting some pics soon of some gifts
and gift boxes I made; I keep forgetting to bring the flash card downstairs. I'm so ditzy it's a wonder I can even find my computer!


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Vicki C said...

Oh... let me know what you think of it, okay? I might need it.