Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just Some Tidbits . . .

Thought I'd tell y'all about this new site I've been posting some digitals at. The name is ScrapScandiStyle and it's located in Norway! There's a store and forum too. Some of the folks speak English and some don't but you know what? If you really pay attention you can get the gist of what's going on. They are a really nice bunch of people and it seems like everyone of them comments on every page posted! Don't know how they have time-I really struggle to keep up with my peeps at my favorite sites. I haven't been doing that great a job of it lately. Take today for example, instead of going online and checking out the new postings around the net, I worked on an animated Christmas card to send to my online buddies. Took me all day and I'm not pleased with it-I need to tweak it a few more times before I send it. I don't know why I'm so slow; my friend Flergs makes the time to comment and she has two small children and a husband and business to contend with! She has been designing so much lately it's a wonder she has any time at all to give back luv to her fan club! I managed to fold, stuff, and stamp my Christmas cards so that Lynn can mail them tomorrow. Now this isn't scrapping or Net related but I did make a large ham quiche today and it took some time and I washed one load of clothes. LOL! There was a time when I worked a 10 hour job, took care of my two little girls, did all the cooking, laundry, etc. and still had time for my friends. Old age does have it's drawbacks-there are not enough hours in a day for me to get done what I want to.

I want to send a shout out to all the folks in the mid and North West who are battling ice and snow storms! Wow! I don't envy you guys. Y'all stay bundled up if you have to go out but stay in if you can, like they always say, "better safe than sorry." We're having a heat wave in NC; I have on flip flops and shorts today.

My Suzy stayed out of school today! I think this is the first day she has missed in years. She really does have a good school ethic and I was surprised to learn she felt sick enough to stay home. I wonder if my posting the new page for her had anything to do with it?! LOL! Just kidding. She has a band recital this evening and I wish I could go but no wheels means I stay at home a lot.

I'm getting ready to go fix me some supper. Haven't had much of an appetite lately, which is a good thing since I probably would break the scales if I was brave enough to get on them. Have a great evening!


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