Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blogger Trouble?

Don't know what's going on but the pix I put in yesterday's blog have disappeared and Blogger won't let me put them back! What would we do without computers? but wouldn't life be simpler if we didn't have them? I'm so glad though that they came to being while I was still around to enjoy them. I'm going to re-post the Eyes of Wonder layout. Well! Evidently Blogger won't let me post new pics either! I'll check back later and see if the problem has been fixed.

I'm really busy organizing and working on all my new elements and papers I've downloaded from multiple sources in the last few days! I'm having a great time but I need to stop and make a few layouts and some Christmas cards. Problem is when I sit down in front of this baby it's really hard for me to get back up and do something productive! LOL! I've even been thinking about getting a new desktop with more RAM so that what I accomplish is done quicker.

I did buy Christmas stamps in order to make myself send out a few cards to those people I love and don't see enough of anymore. I'd like to make the cards and have ordered some Christmas paper to do so-we'll just have to wait and see it I can accomplish it!

You might want to check out Stone Accents Studio tomorrow-they are having a contest for new designers and are letting members download the designed kits for free! I don't know how many rounds of elimination they are having but they are on the second round now. Those kits will be available for download after 7 PM Friday night (I think that's EST). I've already downloaded the first round! They are also having a challenge using the new designer kits for members of the forum and gallery. Check it out!

Need to get back to work.


PS: Be careful while you're out doing the Christmas and daily chores. There was that terrible shooting spree at a mall yesterday and I just heard that a mall here in Charlotte had part of their parking deck collapse! Take care of yourselves and happy shopping!

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