Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Whew! What a Weekend!

I had an amazingly good time at the Serendipity Cyber Crop Jamboree! I won a door prize on Friday and found out this morning that I was one of the drawing winners for the altered box challenge! You know how proud I am of finishing that box! Even though I was not able to paper scrap along with everyone else, everyone seemed to want me there; it was really cool. Maybe the next time there is a cyber crop my hands will be better and I can crop too!

Kristen has recently revamped her online store and it's looking good! She carries a lot of items that I cannot get at my other favorite site and ships immediately. The forum at Serendipity is so much fun. There are not a lot of scrappers on there at any given time, but someone is always around. Great homey atmosphere and you really feel welcomed. Serendipity is now hosting a Shameless Plugs Challenge. Isn't that title a riot! LOL! I don't think Kristen's mind ever slows down. I've already put plugs at my old blog and have some on this one too! But if I won one of the drawings I don't know what I'd do with the gift certificate! I have so much invested in scrap organization and supplies you wouldn't believe me if I told you. And since my hands aren't working-who knows if I'll ever need paper scraping supplies again!

Speaking of paper supplies reminds me of digital supplies and what I found last night! As always, I checked out Flergs' blog last night and she was going on and on about a new digital designer she had found named Tracy Ann. I scooted over to check her out and WOW she's good! I bought seven kits! They are awesome! I can hardly wait to try them out (especially the one pictured at left) but couldn't today because Kim came down with the children and we went cruising at the mall.

I also wanted to get some more of my elements uploaded and publish a link for you to pick up some Freebies but I promise to get that done within the next 48 hours (God willing). I thought I was going to get it all done this weekend but I got hooked on the Cyber Crop. Well, need to go back to the old blog site and finish up over there. If I don't come back and post tonight, I'm sure to do it tomorrow!


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