Saturday, November 24, 2007

Little Scraps of Wisdom (or experience)

Hi everyone. Another Saturday going by. Life just goes by too fast once you hit 50! Honestly, you young people out there need to listen to me! USE YOUR TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE AND BE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE-NOW! Please don't put off doing or using something because you have to work or clean or whatever. Enjoy it while you can. Okay, 'nuff said.

Been working like a Trojan trying to get some scrapping done! I enjoyed it but-NO, no buts. I enjoyed it. I'm pleased with the finished BFF (best friends forever, for the uninitiated) LO. Isn't it funny how the LOs you make that you really love never get much attention but the ones you aren't completely happy with (or just despise) get kudos from others? Example: Joshua (cornered). It was for a specific challenge. I did it in about 30 minutes from concept to conception; don't care for it at all. It was chosen as Pick Of The Day (POTD) by Christy over at Serendipity Scrapbooks. I've gotten so
many compliments on it. But BFF has attracted hardly any attention at all! What do you think?



I'm toying with the idea of getting myself Photoshop CS3 for Christmas. Everyone around seems to have PSP. (What is PSP? PhotoShop Premium, PhotoShop Puppy, PhotoShop Pudding, or as my grandson would tell me PlayStationPortable? LOL! I guess I'm just a dummy, I went to Adobe and didn't see anything you could call PSP.) The CS3 is over $600 but they say an upgrade to it is only $199. If PSE5 to PS CS3 is an upgrade, I'm there! Or I could just forget about designing and use papers, elements and designs from some of the thousands (if not millions) of digi designers out here in cyberland. You know, I could get a lot, make that A LOT, of downloads for $200! Maybe I should rethink this. I currently have an eMail out to my friend Flergs asking her advice. Shoot, I could just buy her designs forever and not worry about the design part.

Didn't get to see my granddaughter Suzy this past week. She was busy seeing her "boyfriend" and her bio-mom so she didn't come down with Kim and Joshua. Suzy is going through teenage angst and Kim is going c-r-a-z-y trying to be a good mom! Oh, Kim. How well I remember your angst. I almost had a nervous breakdown during you and your sister's teenage years! Enjoy Joshua while you can-5 more years and he'll be angst ridden too! LOL!

As for my other two grands, well, let's just say that I miss them and would love to see them too! Tabba calls me once in a while and we talk, or rather she talks and I listen. She and Suzy are the same age and pretty much go through the same stages at the same time.

Remember when I asked for prayers for my friend Jill? Well I think we've hit upon what her problem is: Fibromyalgia. She promises to see the doctor this coming week to determine if this is true. I sent her the symptoms and she and her husband are pretty sure this is what she has. I hate this for her. Her children are very young and so is she; having such a debilitating disease will make life very hard, indeed. I guess you have to look at it from the standpoint that the headaches and fatigue could have indicated any number of Fatal Diseases which Fibro isn't. It just makes your life full of pain and misery.

I've purchased a mess of digi downloads this weekend (with Black Friday and all) so I need to load them into my organizer so I can digi-scrap.



Vicki C said...

You do beautiful work.. all of it!
And your words about "time" and spending it with those you love... doing what's most important... OH so WISE and TRUE!!!

StaceyM said...

Oh Liv, I love your BFF layout. Love what you did with those pics. It's just so cool. I want to try this one day.

I just haven't even been in the gallery lately to see what is going on in there and leave all the love on layouts. Been a little busy around here lately!!! I hope you understand! I do love it though!

Take care dear friend!!!