Thursday, January 17, 2008

I got it!

I got it! The computer man, Kevin, brought it to me! It's just sitting there waiting on me to hook it up but I wanted to tie up some loose ends before I shut down. You never know what might happen once I unplug this baby and put the new one online. Keep your fingers crossed for me! All those nice thoughts y'all had for me today worked so maybe if you continue everything will be okay! Just wanted to update you!



Flergs said...

I emailed you back, it's probably on it's way still. Awesome! Better than mine. Love the different colours/metals. I will try that! I want a rusty one too. So far I only tried the chrome.

Vicki C said...

Oh... goodie! Hope your up and running smoothly soon!

ellen said...

hey! I miss you over at Serendipity,hope you are doing well!