Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still Here!

Yep! Everything went fine yesterday, from the wildlife expert to taking back the CPU to Costco.

Kim came down to make sure I was okay and took me and the CPU to Costco. They are really great to deal with; no questions-just give back your money!

The wildlife expert, Mr. Jeffery, was really nice and kind and loves animals. He left a Hav-A-Hart trap for me to set and then call him and he'll move my little friends to a beautiful park located about 15 miles away. He told me to put out peanut buttered bread around and in the unset trap to get them use to eating around it before I actually set the trap. I swear I think the ring leader went outside last night and told his peeps that "hey guys! the party's at my house tonight! come on it!" What I thought was crying is actually kind of like a purr, Mr. Jeffery said the squirrel was VERY happy in my attic!

I have made some designs to stamp on some papers! I'm going to make a pack of papers! I'm excited about doing something for a change. I've also been working on a Christmas layout with me and my Joshua.

Oh! I found a few places that make custom setups and one of them is not too far from my house. I'm just hoping the prices are reasonable. I'll let you know what I find out. The online places are great and offer so much, including the XP Operating System! The shipping ads so much to the cost though and what recourse do you have if the machine doesn't work and you paid big bucks for it? I've purchased all kinds of things online (even computers and jewels) but always from well known companies if it is a big purchase. Now, scrapbooking online retailers are awesome! If you aren't aquainted with the way they operate you should try them out. No taxes, minumum shipping (and sometimes free) and most usually include a little candy gift or extra scrapbooking element with the package. One time I forgot to check outside the house for a package right after it was delivered by the post lady and when I did go out it was covered with ants! You better believe I make sure I check often when I'm expecting a package. LOL! One of the many perks of digital scrapping is the shipping is always free and another one is if you loose or mess up what you bought you can go back and get it again free if it's within the month you originally purchased it.

I have lots more to run on about but I need to get crackin' and do something!



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StaceyM said...

Hey girl friend,

Just ckecking on you. Haven't seen you around in a while and I guess I know why. Between computers and squirrels it looks like you have your hands full.

I hope the New Year is treating you well.

Take care and drop by and say hi when you get a chance.