Monday, January 28, 2008

Pest Control and Other Problems!

Hey Y'all!

Thought I'd let you know that something might finally be done to catch those little pests in my attic! Lynn got someone from the "Pest Control Authority" (LOL) to come and take a look at the problem. Says he can handle it but it might take a day or months. Duh, I know that; it's been two months since they moved in!

I also spoke with my computer guru today and he feels like everything will be cleared up and/or running by day after tomorrow at the latest. I know everyone means well when they give you positives but you and I know that NOthing is ever done in a timely fashion if it's for ME! Well, I've got to laugh about it or cry; I think laughing is best.

I finished a layout today! Yea! It's of my Suzy and it's done with all of my own creations; yep the alpha through the "butterfly dust" is all my own! Butterfly Dust is what I'm calling my ephemerals, cute huh? Any way, I like this one and I hope she does too. I'm hoping to get some new pics of my grand daughter Tabitha soon so I can scrap a good page for her.

Thanks for all the encouragement for me to apply to the CT call at iScrap! Y'all say such nice things! I'm going to work on some quick pages for my daughter Kim tonight so I'll talk to you soon.


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