Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Working!

Hey Y'all! Yep, it's me! No, I haven't been on a long trip out of town-just out of my mind! LOL! Between the squirrels, stopped up toilets, sick children, and non-working computer programs, I have been too busy to do the things I like to do. The blasted squirrels will NEVER go away! I finally got the toilets working again (thank goodness). Kim is still very ill and we hope to have some news tomorrow about upcoming tests. The programs are not all working (even my PSE5 is not acting exactly like I think it should). I wanted to take some time and watch the DVD that I purchased from Adobe about Photoshop Elements but it's kind of hard to do that if you have no sound on your computer! I'm still waiting for the guru who put this one together to install the drivers!

I have been reading my email and the nice comments you make about the little Freebies I make available. Thank you so much, you have no idea how it boosts my mood to know that you appreciate me!

iScrap, the International Scrapbooking Association, has put out a call for a Creative Team! I don't have that much experience but I may try for it; I wanted to get on Flergs team but that's gone by the wayside (I didn't really expect to make it since I basically just started digi scrapping). I don't know how many people iScrap wants on the team but wouldn't you think it would be a lot since they are the big gurus of scrapbooking and they are just now putting together a team? Those scrappers who have stores selling their items will probably be picked first, but who knows? I might make it.

I just talked to Kim and I told her I was going to make some Quick Pages for her to use. If they turn out okay, perhaps I'll make them available to you. You know, Kim has Photoshop CS2 and doesn't know how to use it! I'd love to have it but can't afford to purchase it just now and certainly not after I just bought this CPU!

Here's a little mini-kit Freebie! Leave me some Luv! Enjoy!



Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Tammy said...

Hey GO FOR IT!!! I love your stuff and especially love how realistic each piece looks on the page. For a beginner, YOU RAWK!! Keep up the great work! Seriously, you will always wonder about it if you don't try! Good Luck!