Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow & Waiting

Hey y'all! Well, the southern part of North Carolina got snow! Yep, real honest to goodness snow that lasted about 5 hours. Of course these 5 hours were during the wee hours of the morning and when the children could have enjoyed it, it turned to snain (snow/rain)! We don't see much cold weather around here; one day it's in the 30's the next in the upper 60's (don't know how to translate that for you Celsius nations but 30's is cold, 60's is very warm). But I was really dismayed to see the one snow we have in several years fall during a time when I want to go and PICK UP MY NEW CPU! Ugh! The schools were closed for the day in Concord, NC, so my daughter had both of her children home. On top of that (and much, much, worse) Kim was sick all night long. She is an insulin dependent diabetic with problems of organ dysfunction and failures; she also has gastroperhesius (sp). That means that her stomach doesn't work more than 70% of the time and therefore the food she eats justs sits in her tummy and rots and makes her throw up for hours on end. I'm praying that she will get some rest today and be better by late afternoon; she doesn't deserve to always be sick and hospitalized so often. Count your blessing everyone. I don't believe I could continue on as this young woman has so valiantly. She is a true hero to her children and family; she volunteers at the children's schools and at her church. She tries to be available for me too. She is awesome!

So, if the computer guru will be kind enough to wait until Saturday morning, I should be able to pick up the new machine then. I need to do some back up work so I'll be signing off for now.


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Flergs said...

I wanna see this chain! LOL. Glad your computer is going ok, hope it is all 100% again.

Of course you can post another one! Others have so it is cool.