Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Layout!

Hey Y'all,

Well Chris, Twizzle, has been busy yet again with A Lady's Boudoir! She tickles me making all these layouts and quickpages.  She gets on a roll and no ones stops this wildcat! She not only has this one ready to go to the galleries but she has made another quickpage for you that you will just feel you have to use. This one has a place for two photos in frames but you can always add another or more elements in the 'white space' to make it your own! It will probably be packed and ready to go later this afternoon, EDST, so swing by to get yours! Here's the layout she did, Reflection which is aptly named!

We are beginning to wonder if winter will come back this year to North Carolina. It is so hot . . . you fill in the rest! LOL! You take a shower and cannot get dry because of the extreme heat and humidity.  It's been storming and raining and it hasn't cooled us off for longer than maybe 40 minutes! The combo of hot summer sun and torrential downpours are probably a good thing for farmers but our grass is now tall enough to lose a baby elephant in! Can't cut it because the ground is so wet the tractor would sink up to it's hubcaps.

Have you left me a comment yet? If you want to get your name in the drawing for the 7 piece freebie that SherryD made, you need to do it before tomorrow night at midnight EDST. And, have you checked out my FaceBook Fan Page and 'liked' me? Please like me!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to get back to the day to day :)

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