Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Layout From HummerDawn

Hey Y'all,
HummerDawn, my Canadian friend, has made a July 4th layout! Not too shabby huh?! She's just peaches!

You would not believe what I had to go through to get this layout posted. Sometimes it just seems like everything is working against you! LOL! But it's up.  There is another one but not going to try and put it up today. Dawn used my mini kit Patriotic which is on sale at Digi Style Designs for 15% off for this month only. Here is the preview:

I recently started  a FaceBook FanPage. Until I get some likes I cannot use all the bells and whistles that FB has.  I guess you have to prove that you have some followers already in place? I'd like y'all's input on what you think I should put on the page. I am suppose to learn about tabs and making freebies available to my "Like" friends.  Anyway if you would go and visit my page on FaceBook  and click on Like, I would really appreciate it! Link Here  

I made a 'cover' for the fan page but it wouldn't work in FaceBook. I could have sworn I had seen this type of cover but maybe it was somewhere else:

The cover I ended up using was this one that was made from my Good Morning, Sunshine kit:

All I had to do for this one was put in a background color and the word.  The other one was about 2 hours worth of work! That's a record for me though; I am unbearably slow at making videos and blinkies.  I made one for a friend of mine and worked probably more that 24 hours on it and she still couldn't upload it to the forums like she wanted or even in her email.  Don't know what I did wrong but I made sure it worked for me before I sent it to her. I'd show it to you but I seem to have misplaced it somewhere in that 1 trib harddrive!

I started off the day in the dumps, but received a sweet package in the snail mail from a super friend of mine out in Nebraska! She just seemed to know I needed perking up. She sent me a hanging plaque that says, 'If Friends were flowers, I'd pick you!' Wasn't that just the sweetest. Boosted my mood!

Well, it's thundering and lightening so I'd best close down my PC. Y'all take care now!



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Vicki C said...

And great fan page!
oh.. and your Nebraska friend thinks you're the bomb! lol