Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Team Member!

Hello Y'all,

How was your 4th of July? Canada Day? Or . . . Wednesday? LOL!  I believe in being patriotic because I believe in my country but fireworks are not the way to celebrate in my opinion! They scare all the animals so badly that some even die from fright, children are traumatized and the worst is all the fires that cause death, maiming, and destruction. Well, someone said to me at least we don't celebrate by shooting off guns. I just don't get it.

Okay, off my preaching and onto another much nicer subject.  I have a new Creative Team member who is working with my kits now! Woo Hoo! I have been blessed to have Dawn and now I have Chris! Dawn is from Canada and Chris is from England and they both are very talented. Chris goes by the name of Twizzle in the forums so some of you might know her too; Dawn uses HummerDawn in the forums! Chris did a layout 'on the fly' for me today just so I could get something of hers up and promises to do many more. Here is the one for today that she made with my Good Morning, Sunshine! mega kit:

 Isn't that photo just precious!

I have so many good friends that I have met on the Net and sometimes I wonder what would have become of me by now if I didn't have them to share my sorrows with, bounce my questions off of, or even my complaints and whining. 

Oh, I wanted to tell you that Sugarbutt Designs now has a FaceBook page.  Not a fan page but a personal page and I think we should all show our support for her by asking her to friend us.  Look for Sugarbutt Johnson! I have my FaceBook page too, it is under Olivia Dunaway Hudson if you'd like to join me.  Mine is a personal page also, not a fan page.  Actually, I don't know how to do a fan page! LOL! Yes, there are some things I don't know about the Internet!

Well, got to get back to my work. Hope you have had a nice Thursday! Talk soon.

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Jodiann Cates said...

Waving madly in support of my friend Chris and her first LO as a CT member! Way to Go, Chris!

Howdy Liv! Thanks for making my day with this post! Weeee!

Hey Miss Dawn! I see you are everywhere! LOL!

Hugs, Jodiann