Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Reminder of Time Slipping Away

Dear Friends, Thank you for understanding me! I have a terrible time with time!

Another reminder last night of precious time not spent with those who really mean the most to us. My daughter, Kimberli, is back in the hospital. For those of you who don't know Kim's circumstances, a brief explanation: Kimberli is a Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic. Kimberli is what is known as a 'brittle' diabetic, there is no controlling her sugar levels; not by her, her specialists, or her hospital. Kim has neuropathy problems with her skin, her stomach, her intestines, her pancreas, her liver, and now possibly her eyes. Because of diabetes she cannot control her bowel movements, feel the temperature of water when she showers or prepares the tub for her little boy, digest her food in a timely manner, control her blood pressure, or see without dark sunglasses. Yesterday she went into what is called keto-acidosis and is a dangerous condition for a diabetic. She was having chest pains and was very weak; the ER doctors think she might have had a heart attack. They are running periodic test to map the tell tale signs in her blood. She is so vulnerable. She is only 39 years old and the mother of two. Please include her on your prayer list; I want much more time with her. Thank you.

Kim with my dad in March of this year.


Deb S. said...

Oh my dear Liv,I will keep Kim on the top of my prayer list for a quick recovery! I hope she is feeling much better soon. You take good care of yourself as well.I love the photo of Kim and your dad,very special.
Thinking of Kim& you...

Hugs to you,Deb

Donna Lynn said...

Dearest Liv,
I will be praying for her from now on...I am so sorry for your scary time right now with her! It is so tough when your kids are in pain and there is nothing you can do except get on your knees and pray.
Bless you and Kim,
Donna Lynn

Vicki C said...

Oh Liv... that is so scary! I feel so bad that she has all that to deal with. So bad. I hope things get better soon and things are easier for her.
The photo of her and your dad is just sweet!
Sending you hugs, friend and keeping Kim and you in my prayers!!

Shawn said...

Sending prayers your way. I hope she gets better soon! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too that was very nice of you :)

Vicki C said...

Thinking of you Liv... and hoping your daughter is doing okay.
Wanted to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day also!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Just checking in tonight, hoping all is well with you and your daughter...praying for her daily!
Let me know OK?

Love and hugs,
Donna Lynn

BTW, how is the critter problem?

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Liv, How did I miss this posting about your precious daughter? I've been so caught up in trying to keep my life together that I haven't gotten to read or comment on blogs. xoRachel