Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Day For This Old Gal!

The day started out early (as usual) but not because of the squirrels this time! The tree removal guys, Wolfe Tree Service, were here right after 7 a.m. to begin the job of taking down 3 of my trees. When I went outside to meet and greet them, we found a teenager squirrel dead in the front yard. I guess the guy fooling around on the roof yesterday must have scared him to death. Then after they left the Critter Control guy came to begin squirrel proofing the house and setting the traps. He didn't get finished and needs to come back tomorrow.

Oh well, the squirrels won again today ;( Most of my time today has been spent dealing with these people and I didn't get to post more wildlife photos today. I really need to get up from here and start supper then get some rest. You might pray that all the squirrels were out of the attic when the man put the trap at the hole; that way none of them have to die from exposure during the night tonight.

Be sure and check back after midnight tonight because a big blog party is beginning and you can download a freebie card template from me and then hop on over to the next blogger and get their freebie template and so on right down the line! There are a bunch of designers participating in this give-away!

Hope all my peeps are healthy and happy tonight!


PS: I promise to post some new photos this weekend.


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh wow, Freebies, I'm all about Thanks for coming by!! I'll be sure and check in with you in the morning

Charmingdesigns said...

Do I need to set the alarm for 12:01 lol. I use a #4 filbert for those little flowers. Lots of paint, little pressure Laurie