Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here Are A Couple of My Wildlife Photos

Just thought I would post these squirrel photos to prove that I'm not a squirrel hater! This was a very hot Virginia day in July and I kept the water bowl on the deck railing full of cool water for my feathered friends and a larger bowl on the ground for the squirrels and chipmunks. This squirrel came to get some water from the small bowl then moseyed on out into the yard. I went out and replenished the water and then he came back! I think these photos are priceless!

He was very hot, indeed!
After he cooled off his little bottom he took a snooze!


He stayed there for over half an hour; never seen a squirrel be that still for that long! I guess he was really, really, hot! I hope to post more of my wildlife photos tomorrow.



Vicki C said...

Oh man Liv.. those are great! That last one is just toooo much!!lol

Vicki C said...

I had to come back again ,after seeing Kara's post. Well, if Karas dog need help... Debs dog cully and my aly and molly both have those same squirrels.. so they can help out too! lol

Kara Ward said...

I had to send these pictures to my mom. We just got such a kick out of them. Hopefully, all the squirrel-ing around will end for awhile for you. Maybe the critter catcher can put a sign in the attic that says "No Vacancy!"

I feel bad for you losing your tree. My parents have these big, old oak trees...without them-their home would not look the same.

Hang in there...bad luck come in 3's. I should know...Sutton sick, new dryer, and new air conditioner. That was just April. Sigh!

Deb S. said...

Thanks Liv for the offer of sb pps! You are so sweet!
I know what you mean about Vic,she is something special and her whole family is just like her! Her sis Jan is a real sweetie!You would love her too! Love those girls!I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.And you too my dear new friend!
Hope you have a great weekend .I'm off to babysit with my sweet pea for awhile this morning and then up north to my mom's for a much overdue visit! I'll be back on Sunday night,so until then.... :)
Hugs to you,Deb

A Romantic Porch said...

You're right. Those picts are priceless! I love them! xoRachel

Lindsay Spencer said...

I love those pictures.