Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You Friends!

Thanks to all of you, my dear friends, for your inquiries and prayers for my daughter, Kim. Sorry it has taken so long for me to come back and update you; things have been kind of topsy turvy since last Wednesday. Kim wasn't released from the hospital until yesterday evening-4 days in intensive care can make me crazy for relief from fear for her. On top of the problems she was having, the hospital was under a 'flu watch' while she was there! Everyone had to wear sterile paper scrubs into each patient's room, no exceptions, to keep from spreading a flu virus! I was very concerned that Kim would catch it too because her little body can't take much more of anything. She is feeling much better and even drove down to take me out to lunch today. No amount of telling her to rest and take care of herself would persuade her to do otherwise. We did have a nice lunch together and besides my grandson acting like a crazy man, it was nice to be together. Joshua was in one of those 'I got my mommy back' moods that leads him to be obnoxious and cute at the same time! Couldn't even get him to sit still long enough for a Mother's Day photo. Kim looked really nice all dressed up in her Mother's Day outfit.

About the critters: haven't seen nor heard a thing from them since Saturday week! We only caught the one and no more but the attic seems to be clear of the rodents for the time being. The electrical repair man will be here at 8:00am tomorrow to assess the damage that they made to our wiring. I'm hoping to be able to get a good nights sleep when I no longer have to worry about fire. All the other critters around my home are in full bloom, that is babies everywhere! Saw one of the mallard couples shepherding 12 tiny ducklings across the back yard to the pond. The Cardinals are feeding every peeping birdie in sight and the geese are honking up a storm to warn others to stay away from their youngin's! The rabbits and opossums should be bringing out their kittens soon. Perhaps I can get a couple of shots of the families this week to share with you. I had hoped to post some photos of the beautiful irises in my neighbor's garden but time took its toll before I could.

Hope this has been a wonderful, loving, and joyful day for all of you! Thank you again, for all the prayers and good wishes.



Vicki C said...

Oh .. SOOOO glad to her she is doing so much better!! That's wonderful! She looks beautiful!
Glad you you had a great day!
(are those photos taken at your house??? wow.. gorgeous)!
Hugs friend!

Donna Lynn said...

Hello Dear Friend,
So thankful that you are doing better and so is Kim! I adore the picture of your wild grandson...reminds me of my boys, never sitting still!
Tell Kim she looked lovely for me!
Yea!!! for the critter control! And YEA, that the critters are being enjoyed outside where they belong...
Donna Lynn

Deb S. said...

Hi Liv~So glad that you had a nice Mother's day with Kim! Your grandson looks so handsome,wish he would have sat still for a photo for you! :)
Hope all the critters are gone for good so you can get some rest!
Your home looks beautiful!

Hugs to you,

A Romantic Porch said...

I'm so glad she's better, and the two of you got to be together for Mother's Day. xoRachel