Friday, May 16, 2008

The Saga Continues . . .

Hey Y'all!

Remember I told you I would post more of the chipmunk saga? Well, Little One, lived several years after I helped her out and rewarded me with numerous clutches of babies! Have you ever heard of biological imprinting? Well that's just what happened with all of Little One's progeny! After that rescue, I never lacked for chipmunk friends as they would all come to me just as their ancestor had!

This chipmunk was a favorite of mine, his name was Chippy (IV or V? I'm not sure) and was easy to distinguish from the others because a squirrel bit off part of his tail one day when they were fighting over some nuts. Chippy loved to get up on my shoulders so he could look around without being afraid something would swoop down and grab him for supper! When I moved to North Caroline, seventeen years ago and one year after these photos, we didn't have any chipmunks for years and years. I made friends with rabbits and woodpeckers, herons and opossums, but I only saw one chipmunk in all the years I have lived here.

Yep, those are my legs when they were much younger, firmer, and tanned! I miss my little friends (and those legs!).

Thanks for all your concern about Kimberli. She seems to be doing pretty good this week and has a big weekend planned with her family and her father. There's an automobile race in Charlotte this weekend and they are big fans (actually, Kim's husband works on a pit crew sometimes). I won't be seeing her or the grands but summer is coming and even though we can't go on vacation we will be able to see each other more often while school is out. Kim is an animal lover too and besides her 3 house cats and 3 dogs, she currently holds the title to 'grandma' to two litters of stray kittens! Her basement became the birthing room for two strays withing 14 hours of each other! She now has a total of 12 cats under her roof. She promises me that she will find them all good, indoor, homes and not keep ANY! She' a sucker for cats. Murphy's about 17 I think and then there's BB who was rescued at Wal-Mart the same time as my Peaches, then Little Bit, who was my younger daughter's cat that they had to get rid of because of allergies. Kim brought her home from Virginia.

Well, happy weekend to all! Remember, to be happy is like a good marriage, you have to work at it!



Charmingdesigns said...

giggle,giggle, I brought my hubby in to see the tail on your chippy. He wondered why would someone blog about that...he is so clueless, he doesnt understand the bond we all have and that we all enjoy sharing our stories. Have a great weekend!! Laurie

rose said...

Love the chipmunk so cute ,very nice site
PS pm me I have a crafty secret to tell you!!? @

Vicki C said...

What a sweet story Liv! I thought I was the queen animal lover..but you , my dear get the crown! You have a kind heart!!!

Marina Capano said...

wow!!! fall in love with chipmunk!!! so nice!!!:)JA!see you in my virtual party-22nd may!!xooxoxoxoox

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Liv!
So happy Kim is doing better! I have been praying of course...
Love your pictures of the sweet critters, nice to see them outside instead of in! :)
Hope you had a great Monday, we are having beautiful weather here, WOO HOO!!!!

Donna Lynn