Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Hey Y'all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm okay; the squirrels and snakes have been at bay and all's right in my household! I've been busy with the electrician for a couple of days and I've been working on a wall hanging and a digital kit. The wall hanging is coming along slowly but surely and the digital kit has 8 papers so far. I'll be sure and post the link for you to get it as soon as it's done.

I hope all of you have been praying for the victims and survivors of the China earthquake; the last I heard there could be over 20,000 deaths. This is totally unimaginable to me even though I know it has happened-my brain just can't wrap itself around those kind of statistics. My heart goes out to all that are involved in any way and I pray for quick relief for all.



Vicki C said...

Hope things are going okay? take care!

Donna Lynn said...

So happy that you are now critter and snake free! YEA!!!! I may have to make a pie and celebrate with you!

Donna Lynn

Deb S. said...

Hi Liv~So glad to hear all is okay at your house.I was beginning to worry when you hadn't blogged for a couple of days! :) Thanks for the advice on the grand kiddos,I'm sure the time flies,cause she is 7 weeks old today and that went fast! I can hardly wait for the whinning and dramatics that little girls do! ;)
Take care! How is Kim feeling? Hope she is feeling much better.
Hugs to you,

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Liv,So happy that your in your home safe and sound again! I did paint a tiny bit yesterday...just had about 1 cup of trim paint in the bottom of the bucket, and so I just had to finish that up! Thank you for the birthday wishes sweet friend. xoRachel

Donna Lynn said...

Hey Liv,
Hope you have a beautiful weekend, I am so thankful your house is your haven once again! I am continuing to pray for darling Kim...

Donna Lynn