Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Hey Y'all!

I know I haven't posted much this week. Things are topsy turvy again. Kimberli has been sick and went back into the hospital this morning. So far all we know is that she is projectile vomiting and it seems to be coming from her diabetes induced gasteoparesis (paralyzed stomach). Her husband thinks she will be able to come home tomorrow if they can control the vomiting. Yuk! Please keep Kim in your prayers.

The other thing that is holding me up is that I went ahead and ordered at Wacom Tablet this week and it is already here! :( I don't have time to play with it yet. I hope to be able to give you good news about Kim in a later post!


PS: Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments.


rose said...

oh Liv
I do hope kim will be okay and will be praying for her
Oh goodies for you a wacom,tell you I bought one 4 month ago and I still have to play with it,had a check it worked ok and then just never gotten around to real playtime with it!!!!!!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Oh Liv,
Your heart must be hurting for your daughter, I am so sorry! I will continue to pray for you both, as I have been doing, also for her family!


M.KATE said...

sorry to hear that, hope she gets well soon :)