Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged Again!

Being tagged seems to be going around again. Ms. Vicki C got me again so I have to come up with 7 weird things about me (which shouldn't be at all hard to do) and then see if I can come up with 7 lovely people to tag and link to.
Hmm . . . let's see.

1. I love tv shows and movies about outer space and inner space. i.e., Galactica, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, CSI (all), Grey's Anatomy, ER. I really love watching television.

2. Before I got old and decrepit, I did all the plumbing, carpentry, and electrical repairs around the house. I once built a shed that I designed and drafted the plans for.

3. The kids in my neighborhood in Virginia called me the 'bird lady' because my yard and trees stayed full of birdies and when I went outside and whistled they came flocking down to me. My backyard was strictly for the wildlife.4. I love flip flops and crocs; I have 32 pair of flip flops! Also my feet are too small; I wear a child's 3 or Women's 4.
5. I am uncomfortable in clothing, especially underwear, that has thick seams and I will wear them inside out if I'm staying at home! LOL!

6. My Mom grew up in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and one of her playmates was Billy Graham. (not weird, just interesting?) A few years back, I visited the area and found the church where my grandmother was buried about 80 years ago!

7. When I was a child, my brother and I would go to the creek and catch tadpoles so we could watch them grow into frogs (me too, Vicki!); we loved to catch lightening bugs (fire flies) on hot summer nights and pull off their tails and stick them all over our bodies so we would "glow" in the dark! This seems very cruel to me now, but back then a lightening bug necklace was very cool indeed; we also caught June bugs and tied a thread to one of their hind legs and let them fly around and around our heads while we pretended to be helicopters! Really, y'all, there wasn't any TV so we had to amuse ourselves somehow!

Now, who to tag?

The lovely Donna Lynn, Blushing Rose Antiques, who is not only a mom to men of stature but is really a southern belle at heart (even if she doesn't know it!).

Ms. Kara Ward, My Studio Pink, who is a designing queen, super mom, and all around diva!

The totally fabulous, talented, and beautiful Megan Farrow, Flergalicious, (aka Flergs the digi designing queen).

The adorable, talented, and sweet Ms. Deb S, Union Street Musings, who is a good friend to have around when your ego needs stroking!

Ms. Laurie of Charming Designs who has the market cornered on little lovelies that pull on your heart strings.

The oh so capable renovating diva, Rachel of the Romantic Porch.

And last, but not least, Marina Capano of Only Cute Things, decorative artist, decorator, TV star, sweet friend, and mother.

Well, ladies, please play along with the rest of us. You must list 7 little known facts about yourself, link back to me as the tagger, then choose seven people to tag, list their names and link to their blogs and notify them that they've been tagged. Okay, so perhaps this is the last time I get tagged? I don't know if I want to reveal anymore weird facts about myself! Y'all have a great weekend!



Marina Capano said...

Thanks you! I will make post about tagger soon! I have been very busy with my tv show and I have a lot of orders and I am art teacher for children. My blog is one cute hobby and I love to share good moments! thanks you, you are so nice and fun person!
smile, hugs and kiss xoxoxooxo

M.KATE said...

Hi, many thanks for dropping by. You have a FANTASTIC HOME, I am really envious !! I love that kitchen combined with red, sooooo sexy and everthing here is so dreamy. I think if you invite me, i can stay there for a long time.

So glad to meet you, and looking forward to coming back here again.

greetings from Malaysia :)

A Romantic Porch said...

Well now Liv, that really is an interesting list. I 've never heard of anyone with a size four shoe. But now I can compete on the flip flops, though mine are high heel! HHHMMM, 7 weird things about myself. Really? Let's see...I'll see what I can come up with and post it in a few days. Have a wonderful weekend.xorachel

Rosamary said...

Hola!!!, muchas gracias por tu visita y tus hermosas palabras en esta fiesta virtual, me ha encantado tu casa, está preciosa tienes mucho gusto en la decoración, enhorabuena, y gracias a ti por compartirlo, besitos.

Shawn said...

I love flip flops too! That is so neat that you can build all that stuff. I love your 7 things! Reminds me I need to do this too :)

rose said...

love all the flip flops ,liv
OH congratulations also you won the RAK on my blog whoo!!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Liv!
I have been one busy chick this weekend, we got Victoria all packed up for her move to TN! I am one sore girlie, let me tell ya!

I will work on my seven things and post in a couple days! I have to post about my friend Ronda sending me a handpainted rose window first, then the tag! WHEW, blogging is a lot of work! :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
Donna Lynn

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh maaaaan! 7 weird facts about weird?! LOL. Oh I think I can come up with a YES! another craft that was new to me!!! I just LOVED it, could you! Thank you for your nice comment!Laurie

Vicki C said...

Oh Liv.. You "Croc" me up!... lol
That is alot of flip flop and crocs girl. (I thought I had a shoe obbsession.)
I am soooo impressed that you designed and built a shed. I hardly know how to use a screw driver.
The Billy Grahm thing.. is so interesting.
and I'm so glad someone else wollowed in the splender of tadpoles! lol

Charmingdesigns said...

I forgot to say."ah, no" I didn't paint the music on my canvas. I used Omnigel and rubbed off the backing which makes it transparent pretty neat stuff! Laurie

LW said...

What a fun list of seven things…
I also had tadpoles as a kid; they are a little part of childhood magic..
And what a wonderful collection of flip-flops … I thought my daughter had
A lot but you have her beat..