Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Wanted to let you know that the Carbonite backup went smoothly with no problems at all! I am not use to doing things of this nature without some kind of flub up happening. If you're interested in getting a reasonably priced online backup system, then Carbonite is for you! I shopped around and the others I found were astronomical in price and had limitations as to how much you could backup. If you are interested in a trial or purchase send me your email address and I will refer you from their site and you will get an extra free month! I didn't know about this so I got the 12 months not 13. My email is livhudsonatjunodotcom.

Here is my latest digital layout. Watch out! Don't burn your eyes looking at it! LOL! I matched the colors in Kim's mother's day outfit so they are searing hot! Did I tell you that she drove the 45 minutes down to my house to visit me for Mother's Day? She had only been discharged from the hospital the night before! This was for a 'build it' challenge at Scrapbook Graphics.

Paper: Jessica Bolton (SBG), Pastiche, solid green; Rhonna Farrer, Love Stripes, 2 Peas Freebie; Scalloped Border: Flergs (SBG) w/Flergs Glitter Applied; Scalloped Mat: MGL Designs, Pink Matte; Frame: Traci Sims (SBG), Pink Scallop; Green Glitter Heart: Flergs Funky Hearts (SBG); Scattered Hearts: Flergs Freebies; Alpha: Tina Williams, White Alpha; Acrylic Heart: Meredith Fenwick (SBG); Pressed Flowers: Traci Sims (SBG), Urban Fragments; All Glitter: Flergs! (SBG); Font: Brock Script, Downloaded from Internet; Other: Butterfly Charm, Tack, Me.

I have really missed hopping around to my favorite blogs. I'm sure the reason my upload slowed down my ability to surf was because my DSL has been acting up for the past week. I hope to come by and visit everyone tomorrow!


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Deb S. said...

Oh Liv, your lo is really eye-catching!!I love it! You really matched your pps well with Kim's pretty dress! She obviously loves her mamma very much to make the 45 minute trip esp.since she just got out of the hospital.You are a lucky lady to have such a sweet girl Liv,she gets that from you I'm sure!