Friday, October 31, 2008

New Designer at Sunshine Studios

Hey Y'all! There's a new designer at Sunshine Studio Scraps, ARMINA! Her intro kit is the Amalia Kit and it is a knock out! You can purchase it HERE! Sunshine Studios has so many great designers you will have a hard time choosing your favorite. Be sure to visit their blog too and sign up for their newsletters-they have awesome sales and freebies and major give-a-ways! They have a Blog Train going on for Halloween right now! Be sure and check them out!
Catch you later,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hey Y'all!

Yep, I'm still around! LOL! I know it's been a while since I last posted but I really do have a good excuse. One of the excuses is that Kim has not been hospitalized for TWO WEEKS! and I have been using this time to catch up on some things I needed to do plus visiting with my friends. I know you all understand, just hope you still come by to check in.

I have been promising to do a Freebie for a while so today I made some 'Jitter' elements for you. These are just some colorful little layout element overlays that can be used any way you see fit. I've shown two examples below; the yellow Jitter on the Suzy layout and the snow Jitter on the Joshua layout. I think these would be cute to dress up birthday cards too. Just a little one, I know, but I was thinking of y'all.

Go Here to Download

As I mentioned above, Kim hasn't been admitted to the hospital for two whole weeks. She has started eating some solid foods too so the Botox surgery seems to have been a complete success! Kim is coming down to visit and bringing the children this afternoon.

Suzy earned an athletic letter for Cross Country this week; now we have to come up with the bucks for a Letter Jacket. She will also be getting one for swimming soon. Monday night she will be part of the Homecoming Court at her school; she is the only 9th grader participating! Can you say, "can you get your head through that door, Suzy?" Yes, we are quite proud of her, but we worry about too much too soon. NWIM?

Have to go and prepare dinner for the young'uns! Take care and have a blessed weekend.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey Y'all!

Well I do have some good news to impart: Kimberli has not been hospitalized since last Thursday! WooHoo! Yippee! Thank You Jesus! I guess you all thought that things weren't going well since you haven't heard from me in so long. But, NO, things are going great for Kim! I have been 'holding my breath' this last week in anticipation of her staying out and being able to actually DO something with her family. She has been sick with a very tiring virus but it didn't send her packing to Northwest Medical. This is such a reversal of the norm for her and we hope and pray that it continues. The surgery she underwent last week to keep the opening in her stomach from closing is looking super good. She says she can actually hear the fluids leaving her stomach; of course, she is still on a liquid diet but her mental health is improving daily. I was hoping to also give out the news that the doctor thinks she is on the upswing (medically) and that her prognosis has changed from hopeless to hopeful and that she could start having some solid foods. But, alas, she wasn't able to see her physician of choice today due to a scheduling mess-up. She has rescheduled for the 31st so I will let you know what's up then.

I, on the other hand, have taken this break to be a sickie. Both of my ears are infected and are driving me bonkers with their pounding, ringing, and pain. I always have ringing and pain but not to this extent; my eardrum is non-existent in my right ear even after re-constructive surgery many years ago. Anyway . . . Kim is doing great!

I have been working on my digital elements catalog for over three months. It use to have over 10,000 items in it and had to be pared down in order to do me any good, duh! So by combining similar .png elements on one page and moving kits that aren't my absolute favorites to a separate catalog, I have reduced the count to around 6,000! Now I can add the 3 gig(!) of additional items that have been stockpiled while the catalog was being updated. Needless to say, I need to stop acquiring and start using! The weird thing is that most of the stuff I love of other designers, I could probably do myself but I don't think that's cost effective when the time it would take me is figured into the equation! LOL! I might be able to design, but I do not do it very quickly!

It's time for me to do another freebie but I also need to do some photo scanning so I can send off some oldies to Cousins Kent and Deanie. I think they are miffed with me because I haven't sent them anything in a month-can't much blame them. Deanie has been working her little fingers off trying to do a family tree book with photos and it seems like I have more of them in my possession than anyone else we know of. "Bad Livy! Be a good cousin and get off your duff and get some photos posted!" This is me trying to force me to do something. Why is it we tend (or is it 'I tend') to put off doing things that are expected of us?

If any of you haven't visited my friend Vicki C lately, you are missing out! Of course she always has the most outstanding eye candy for us but she is doing a bunch of 'give aways' that she does by drawing a name from those who comment on her blog. Listen guys, she has some serious paper scrapping vendors that she represents and has some great freebies, so do yourself and your art a favor and check in with MY VIC!

Okay, I'm off to see what kind of damage control I can do with the scanner. Y'all all have a wonderfully relaxing, invigorating, loving, and special weekend!


by qwertysis

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still Won't Work!

Okay. I've sent two messages to 4Shared asking for help and/or info on what's wrong. I've tried to upload the file again so I could get a new link, but of course that's not working either. eeeerrrrgggg! When it starts working again I will post the link again. Sorry folks!

4Shared Error!

Okay, I finally got the link to fail for me today; I've reported it to 4shared. I'm going to try and post it again in this post to see if it will work. FALL SPLENDOR KIT(doesn't work either)

Okay, so it still won't work. I will upload the kit again to get a new link-please check back again in a bit!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Y'all!

I'm so excited! I finally heard from my Auntie Myrtle (she moved and forgot to send me her new info)! Aunt Myrtle is my Mom's sister-in-law, she was married to Momma's brother Vernon (he passed 15 years ago). Ever since I was born they have lived in Florida so we haven't seen that much of each other over the years but whenever we do it's like we just spoke yesterday! She's a peach . . . a Carolina Peach! Several years back I went to see her at her 'summer' home in Asheville, NC and we had a ball tooling around the town and checking out cemeteries looking for our long lost kin! It was just the two of us and we got along like sisters the entire time! So you can see why I'm excited to have finally heard from her. I want her to visit my blog but she won't go near a computer, so . . . I found out my cousin's email address and sent him the link so he can show it to her when she goes to his house. I know this isn't very interesting to y'all but I'm so happy to have a reason to smile. Here are some photos from the 1950s!

Ray is Aunt Myrtle's son and he is now retired after a distinguished career in the Armed Forces. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my sweet Auntie is 81 years young! I don't think she retired for good until about six years ago. That's me in the bottom right corner of the photo above---even then I was a smarty pants and always cutting up!

On another note: I took the meals I had prepared to Kim and her family this morning. Poor thing, she cannot have solid food now and we aren't positive but think that's what's going to be the norm from now on. She's so skinny that she and her 17 year old cat, Murphy, now look alike. Please don't take her off your prayer lists just yet, okay?

I had lunch out with the 'girls' today. It was really nice to see them and get my mind on something other than Kim's illness. All the people I hang out with are sooo much younger than me; most of them are my daughter's ages! Don't know why they like to include me but I really enjoy them, I always say it's because they can use my senior discount!

Well, enough for now. Take care. Hope to be back soon with good news or at least a mini-kit to offer you.


Kimberli Update

Hello friends and family,

Just wanted to give you an update on Kim's condition. She had surgery on Wednesday to keep the connection between her stomach and intestines open. The doctors are hoping that gravity will assist in emptying her stomach. She has lost over 45 pounds in the last couple of months due to excessive and almost non-stop vomiting which is a complication of the gasteoparesis which, of course, is a complication of her type of diabetes. Last night they had to give her two pints of whole blood because she has lost so much from labs! I have never heard of this before but it's very possible since they are constantly monitoring her counts and such. After doing x-rays this evening to make sure that she doesn't have pneumonia (she's got a virus), they released her. She isn't suppose to do anything for a while so that the stomach has a chance to heal; she isn't to lift anything heavier than a spoon. Of course she will still be going to the hospital every day that she is out for IV fluids to keep her hydrated. I am trying to help out so I won't be around much for a while.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate all of you!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Layout!

Hey Y'all!
Can't believe I finally did a new layout. This one is of Kim and Bart getting married in October 1998.

Fall Wedding
Kimberli and Bart on their wedding day.
Scraplift of Beauty by Jeanet:
All elements and papers by CL Graphics

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I've had some bad luck following me around but I'm working on being happy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ginni's Gift

Looking for the Fall Splendor Freebie? It's here!

As promised, here are the photos of my fab new Liz Claiborne purse that Ginni gave me for my b'day! Thanks Ginni, you're a doll!

Have to go and get ready for Joshua's 9th Birthday!