Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Train

Just a note to let you know that I will be participating in the DST Blog Train which begins at 12:01am on March 1! I am all set up to go so please come and visit and get the next link in the train also!  I made a mini-kit!
PS: There is a freebie in the post before this one.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Commercial Use Freebie

I've needed to post this freebie for a while but life and other things have had my attention.  I also need to tell you about the special category that has just been added at Berry Applicious but let this ad copy suffice for my words:

Since President's Day has just passed, I thought it would be appropriate to give you an American Flag. Our flag can be used throughout the year on special occasions, special layouts, and special hybrid projects.  I decided to make this one available for commercial use as well as personal use. I hope you enjoy using this freebie.

Just click HERE and your download will begin immediately!

A Personal Note


I need to tell you about my young friend.  

She is only a couple of years older than my Kimberli, she is a wife and a mother of two, and a grandmother of four. The most well known fact about her is her love for Jesus, her family, and her friends (and the color pink!). The other well known fact about her is she has been suffering from tumors in her brain for a long time that have plagued her with seizures, shakes, and unsteadiness on her feet; she had to quit working about eight years ago. Eighteen months ago we found out that three of the tumors had become malignant.  The prognosis wasn't good as they had not been discovered, as they should have been, in time for surgical or radiation/chemo removal. She was given maybe three months to live if she did nothing, but because of her love of life and love of her family she decided to begin radiation and chemo-therapy.  She silently suffered from the radiation burns on her head and ears and the ravages of the chemo because she wanted to love and prepare her family and friends for her passing. If you were to spend some time with her, she would tell you that you cannot be angry with the doctors and surgeons because it was the will of God that she became terminal and there was nothing the doctors could do to stop the inevitable progression of the disease.  She would make you promise not to be angry with God because of her disease but to rejoice in the fact that He thought her strong and capable of making a difference in peoples lives by showing them how to love God through adversity. She has touched more people than she realized because she made us feel compelled to tell of her love for God to our friends and relatives, and they in turn did the same It would not surprised me in the least that by the time all who have known of her and all who have known her have died, she would have touched billions of lives. That is the legacy that she left when she danced her way to heaven, in her pink cloud, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. She has been gone a smidgen more than 24 hours but I feel like the whole world knows of her passing and mourns with those of us who were lucky enough to be graced with her presence.

Goodbye, dear friend, I pray that you are right, that we will see each other again.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just Found This!

Hey y'all,

I just ran across this Easter card I made a couple of years ago and thought that if you weren't around then you might still like to have it now! It's what is called a spring type pyramid card; it pops open when you take it out of the envelope and you can choose to glue all the pieces for the pyramid or just the largest one.

I've changed where you can download this freebie to Online Storage! Just click preview and it will auto download!

Hope you like it!

My Stores

Hello y'all,

Hope you have managed to follow the Berry Applicious blog train and pick up all the free goodies! If you missed any just check my post on 2/13-14.

I want to point out some sales this month in my stores.

I have retiring products at Bella Zingaro, DigiStyle Designs, Lollipops n Gumdrops, and Scrapping Your Memories.  These products will be discontinued after the 28th of February so pick them up now for 50% off the original prices.

Bella Zingaro has a new Fan Freebie available on their fan page: http://www.facebook.com/BellaZingaroStudio

 I will be working toward some new freebies and a newsletter within the next few days so stay with me! 

Also I have a new blinkie! 

My Creative Team now has a blinkie! You can have one too if you would like to join my team!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Sale at Berry Applicious

After you've finished your ride on the Berry Applicious Blog Train---BLOG TRAIN IS BELOW!---, drop by the Berry Applicious Store for the storewide 'A Scrappy Kind of Love sale!
Come back and visit soon!

Berry Applicious Blog Train Is Here!

Hello friends!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have your Berry Applicious Blog Train Freebie ready for you!

You can get my contribution HERE!  Hope you enjoy this freebie and come back to visit soon!

If you'd like to receive more freebies from me, sign up for my newsletter (located on the right sidebar, top). I put a freebie in each newsletter.

Here are the rest of the Berry Applicious Blog Train links:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Layouts for Soft Spring!

Hello Scrap Fans,

I have been swamped with work these past 5 weeks. Just been playing 'catch up' with the new stores and with updating the older stores.  One of the items I have been working on is Soft Spring which was released last Spring in my four base stores.  I have now finished the rehab and all the new previews have been put in place.  My wonderful CT members Chris and Dawn have both created layouts! Here are the layouts and if you need reminding about the kit, go to the Newest Kit Previews tab at the top of this page.

By Chris

By Dawn


The kit can be found in any of my stores and all can be reached via the blinkies on the right sidebar!
Here is the freebie that I previously offered at ScrapBird and in my newsletter for those of you who didn't get it:

You may download it HERE!

Thanks so much for checking in on me!

PS: Don't forget that I am having a 25% off Grand Opening sale at Berry Applicious and Heartfelt Perfections, and a 50% off all the kits that I have decided to retire at my other shops. The Grand Opening sale ends midnight on the 15th and the Retiring sale goes for the entire month of February.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Join Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking!

Hello Y'all,
Just dropped by to let you know about a site I just discovered through Sugarbutt Designs; Pixel Scrapper!  I have been exploring the site and am very impressed with all you can learn, acquire,and share. You sign up and fill out your profile then you are awarded credits.  You use the credits to download scrapbooking supplies! Cool beans! They also have a Blog Train that I hope to join and there is one in progress right now! I have linked Pixel Scrapper to my blog on the right side of the page, so check them out!