Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Freebies!

Hello my blog friends! Have you been as busy as you can possibly be with the new school season starting (or ending as the case may be) and Halloween on its way? I seem to always be decrying my lack of time; sleep time, fun time, design time (which is fun time too), and friend time all seem to disappear much quicker now that I am over 60. Too many things get away from me and one of them is my blog. I truly want to be able to post every day but have never seemed to be able to accomplish that feat.  At least when I update you I can offer you a freebie or two!

Today’s freebie products come to you from Chris Allport.  Chris has fashioned two card fronts and two elements from Paisley Attitude and Retro Summer. Since I haven’t been around much lately I thought, ‘why not give my blog friends all the freebies at once this week?’ And after you catch these freebies, check your email account for this week’s Country Liv’s Graphics newsletter so you can add a quickpage I made from Retro Summer and, the soon to be published, Retro Summer Add-On! Easy peasy! Retro Summer was a labor of love for me because I loved the sixties when I was in them and love to remember them now! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter please do so now so you will be able to collect even more freebies than I have, here, on my blog! If you would like to take a quick look at Retro Summer just click on the tab above to be taken to that page.

 You may download the file by one of these two links: 4Shared and MediaFire.
  You may download this file by one of these two links: 4Shared and MediaFire.

This is what my quickpage freebie looks like. Signup for my newsletter!

Enjoy the freebies and come by any of my shops to purchase your copy of Retro Summer!