Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring In The New Year!

I don't know about you all but I'm ready for a brand new year. This past one has been very hard to live and I am hoping for an easier time in 2010. I know, 'count your blessings' should be my mantra and most of the time it is but my family could use some happier times and better health.

Kim has been sick in bed since Christmas Eve. She called and said she has started to feel better and is sitting up and watching a movie with Joshua. She needs to have surgery for the stomach opening to be enlarged again and the bezores removed. They said this is an every 60 to 90 day procedure that she has to have so the stomach can empty.

I want to thank all of you for keeping up with me this past year as I haven't been the best blog host. Also thank you so much for the prayers and blessings sent for Kimberli. You guys have been great and I wish you all the very best for 2010.

I have finished two more pages for the Christmas Brag Book. These were more complicated and I was trying some new techniques so they took much longer than usual. I hope you enjoy using them. I am going to try and add a few more so that you have more pages to choose from.

4Shared ------------------------ MediaFire
Password is yuletide

Let me know what you think of these latest pages. For those of you who are finding my blog for the first time, if you browse my previous post you will find the links to the rest of the pages and the Christmas alpha too.

Everyone have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year!


LivPS: the teddy bears were Created By FABA Scrapdesign and are available from the HMScrapShop.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pages 5 and 6 of Christmas Brag Book

Hey Y'all,
I've finished and uploaded pages 5 and 6 of my free Christmas Brag Book!

Password is yuletide.

Hope you like them!

Kim had a good day except for a heart stopping scare. While she was out with friends today, Joshua's father told him to start the car for him and it went into gear and crashed into a chain link fence and had the back end hanging over a 15 foot retaining wall! This is so terrible because Joshua is only 10 years old and had no idea what he was doing and if the car had plunged over the retaining wall he would have been severely injured. As Joshua wasn't tall enough to touch the gas pedal the car went slowly downhill; God was looking out for him! Why must men do such things without thinking of the consequences of their actions! Joshua's father had this to say, "at least the car wasn't damaged!" Can you read my mind?

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pages 3 & 4 of Christmas BragBook

Hey Y'all!

I've completed and uploaded pages 3 & 4 of my Christmas BragBook freebie.



Password is yuletide.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. Kim is doing pretty good these last few days-thanks for the prayers! Hugs,

Friday, December 11, 2009

First Two Pages of the Brag Book

Hey Y'all,

Here are the first two pages and the accompanying alpha of my Christmas Brag Book.

The password is yuletide.

Download from 4Shared
Download from MediaFire

Hope you like them-check back with me soon for another couple of pages.


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Kim got out of the hospital on Sunday but I'm afraid she will be going back in tomorrow as she's been vomiting all day. I left her around 5pm but am calling every hour to hour and a half to check on her.

I have finished two pages of the Christmas BragBook and an alphabet to match; I will post them as soon as I get a chance.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays

Here's to all my cyber family: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry December to all.

Kim is out of the hospital and I will be going up there to be with her tomorrow morning.

Here is a photo of this year's tiny but pretty tree. Personally, I think it is much better than last year's!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh December!

Hey Y'All,

Thought December was going to be a better month but Kim's feeding tube sight has become infected again and she had to be hospitalized last night. She had been on antibiotics since last Friday but they weren't working so they are double whammying her system with another type through an IV. Her sugar levels have been too high to register on the hospital's glucose meter and they will probably move her into the CCU tonight. She is keeping a good outlook (as usual) on life and trying to be positive about her healthcare. I don't know how she does it.

I have been doing little odds and ends for her new apartment, like a decorated lampshade; toss pillow covers; placemats, kitchen curtains, tablecloth and cover. After all my years at the sewing machine I had my first mishap: I stitched into my finger. Ouch! It is still very, very sore. That's what I get for trying to finish up the placemats too fast. We still need to do the bedrooms but the Living Room and Kitchen are almost finished. We are carrying sunshine yellow throughout, for continuity, and using black/white in the living room, navy/white in the kitchen, pastel blue/white in the master bedroom and bath, and primary colors in Joshua's room.

I'm off to fix some supper. Hope all is well for all of you!


PS: I started working on a Christmas Brag Book and when I get some of it finished I will begin to post the links.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Y'all,
Long time, no post! Sorry about that but I have been busy helping to get my Kim settled in her new apartment. I haven't moved in so long that I didn't remember what a hassle it can be! It really is a nice apartment though with loads of young boys that little Joshua can 'hang out' with and has a playground that Kim can see from her windows. BB the cat isn't very happy about the move; he stays in a closet behind the hot water heater! He will be fine once we get everything in it's place and things settle down to a normal everyday pace. We are decorating the living room in black, white, and yellow! So pretty with the wrought iron decor I found at Hobby Lobby. When we get it all finished I will take some photos before the 'little man' can mess it all up again. His room is going to be a sports theme of course and Kim wants her bedroom to be more girlish and frilly! I can't wait to see what she comes up with for it; she loves the navy, yellow, and white color combo. They are staying more than warm and toasty since they are on the second floor-I just start stripping off clothes after being there five minutes. LOL! I went up today to carry the tablecloth and topper I made for the living room. While Kim was making a really yummy fish, potatoes, and butter beans lunch for us, Joshua and I played Scrabble. It was a nice treat for me and Kim seemed to enjoy cooking for us. She is having a lot of pain with the tube site in her abdomen but she doesn't want to take the pain meds because they just put her to sleep. After lunch we went to cruise Target. As the mother of two girls I always thought that they were jabber mouths but I had never experienced a child like Joshua! He talks, talks, and talks some more and if he isn't talking he's making car sounds or singing! My ears need a rest after a few hours with him!

I hope to start back making some digital elements and kits pretty soon.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a happy, delicious, and loving one.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Choice for December

Hey Y'all,
I felt I needed to give y'all the choice to have a December 2010 Business Card Quickie Calendar with a menorah on it. At 4 Shared, password is business. Hope I made it correctly.

Hope you all in the eastern US are finding high ground!


File Fixed!

Sorry guys. I was in such a hurry that I zipped the wrong file! New, same password:



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November/December Calendar Freebie

Hey Y'all,

Things have continued to be topsy/turvey around here but I hope to be able to impart some good news soon! In the mean time I have the November/December Business Card Calendar Quickies ready for you. I am also working on a Jewish December calendar for those of you who would like to have it and will upload it as soon as it's finished. Here is the preview of today's freebie. (these links have been fixed and are also in the next post)

Your may download from 4Shared or MediaFire and the password is business. For those of you visiting for the first time, the rest of the calendar year 2010 links are still active and you can locate them in previous posts. I hope you enjoy these little gifts!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

September/October 2010 Calendar Freebie

Hey Y'all,

I have uploaded the Sept/Oct Business Card Calendar freebies to 4Shared and to MediaFire.

The password is business.

I have certainly enjoyed your comments about this group of freebies and it makes me happy to know that my art is appreciated! If all goes well, I will have the last two months ready next week and I will keep the download links active until January 1, 2010. Tell your friends to come by and download theirs please!


PS: Don't forget to vote for me at Wacom(link in previous post) and to keep checking by to see when the new DVD is going to be ready for sale at DigiScrapDepot.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey Y'all,

I've entered a digital scrapbook page on the Wacom site so if you would vote for me that would be great!

Vote 4 me at!

We had to use Nicole Young's beautiful kit 'Storybook Dreams.' This is Kim's little kitty Cutie Pie.

Kim, Joshua, and I had a great day together yesterday and this morning! She has been doing so good this week it has done my heart good too. Thanks for your prayers!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something Interesting That Interests Me!

Okay, I know you all get pushed and pulled from one blog to another all the time but I just have to share this one post with you. It's from Createwings Designs' (Dawn's) blog and it really spoke to me and made me want to DARE! She, Dawn, has started a new idea sharing on her blog called Mixing It Up and this is the first post in that series. Please do go and read it, (it is very short) maybe it will strike a cord with you too! Createwings! I wish I could write my feelings out like some of the people I admire. Have you ever read anything Ro at ScrapGirls has written? She's one of my favorites and keeps me motivated and laughing out loud at some of her muses. Sign up for a newsletter and you will never regret it!

Kim has been having some unprecedented good days in a row this past week! I'm afraid she tries to pack too many activities in her schedule when this happens but she has to live while she can! Good for you honey; keep it up!

Seems both of my Granddaughters have caught the H1N1 virus. I'm praying for them as well as everyone else who has contracted this thing.

Joshua is looking forward to Halloween-not me, for it is definitely my least favorite holiday. I remember the fun I had as a child but all my experiences with it since childhood have been horrible. Hope you all have a good one!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

July/August Business Card Calendar Freebie

Hey Y'all!

Just finished uploading the zip files for the July/August Business Card Calendar Freebie to 4shared and mediafire. The file password is business.


I am going to wait on printing mine out until after all the months have been completed. That way all of them can be printed at one time on one piece of stock or photo paper. I have also thought about leaving some extra leading space so that I can add an eyelet then string the cards on a small ball-chain. I'm going to make several for family and friends as stocking stuffers too.

Kim had been doing really good up until yesterday; she was sick with stomach problems all day. I only spoke with her less than 5 minutes because she was feeling so rotten. I hope to catch up with her more today.

My granddaughter, Tabitha, caught the H1N1 virus along with Mono and tonsillitis! I have been beside myself with worry but she is much better now. One child died in her middle school so they have closed the school for this week. I am so thankful that Tabba overcame it even with the other underlying illnesses. She was out all last week and with being out this week too it is really going to be a long catching up period.

Rain, rain, rain! It seems like we are either in drought or flood; this week is flooding time and my old joints are aching from it. At least it's not cold too.

Gotta go and work on Sept/Oct card.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

May/June Business Card Calendars

Hey Y'all,

Here are the May/June Business Card Calendar freebies.


Password: business


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

March/April Business Calendars

I've been busy running back and forth to Concord for the last week so I haven't had a minute to share anything with you ;( Kimberli was hospitalized last Wednesday with terrible pain that was caused by an infection in her intestines. She was released on Saturday afternoon with anti-biotics and pain meds and the admonition to rest and recoup so she could go back and have her feeding tube replaced. The problems for Kim just never end and at this point I don't even pray for that any more. Thanks for all your prayers, well wishes, and inquiries.
I just stopped by to upload the March and April Business Calendar Quickies. The 4shared link is HERE and the MediaFire link is HERE. The password for both is business. Enjoy. (The links for Jan/Feb are still active, just link up from my previous post)

Hope you have a wonderful week.
PS: Let me know if the link(s) don't work!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Calendar Freebie

Hey Y'All!

Have you seen the little business card calendars? I think they are so perfect to carry in your wallet or laminate and attach to your keychain; they also make great inexpensive personalized gifts. I am doing a 2010 business card calendar in .png format that I want to share with you. You can drop in your photo, print them out on any type of printing medium you like and enjoy! Today you can download my January and February 2010 Freebies from 4shared or media fire the password is business. Here is a preview of what you'll be getting today:

Links are in above sentence.

Things have been so upside down in my life lately that I really can't tell what I should do or think. Please just bear with me for a little while longer and I promise to get back to you very, very soon. Thanks for all your prayers; they are so appreciated!

PS: something must be up with Blogger-I had a heck of a time getting this posted!
4Shared Link fixed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some New Developments

Hey Y'All,

Well, I'm not sure the site is going to continue with the Designer Line after Christmas. I was hoping the albums were going to be very popular and I would make some very much needed funds. I have put in so many long hours on the albums I submitted and am very dissappointed that my Beach album didn't get put on the site before the talking heads dissed the whole concept. If you are interested in ordering an album, be it mine or one of the other designers', please go to the site and do it now.

I have started making some kits and elements to be included in a CD that is going to be offered at DigiScrapShop. The Halloween CD will probably be ready for orders by the beginning of November and there are plans to do Thanksgiving and Christmas CD too. If you go to the site via my blog and purchase a CD, I will make a commission from it! This could be lucrative for me and a great buy for you as there are going to be oodles of designers products included on each themed CD. When the CD is ready I will post the link for you to follow. Below is a preview of one of the items that will be available exclusively on this CD.

About Kim. Nothing good to report but I do have a favor to ask: Would you please pray for Kimberli's children for an unnamed mercy? I am not able to disclose the problems facing the children but God knows and every plea helps to let him know how important this is. Please, please, please! Their future depends on divine intervention.

Joshua's Tenth Birthday is October 1!!!! Seems like he was born just a little bit ago. I am so glad his Mom is still alive to celebrate with him. She is planning to take him and 3 friends to Nascar Speed Park, Saturday, for the day (she has been saving for this for a while) and he is sure to have a wonderful time. Her husband is still out of work (and I personally don't think he is planning on ever looking for a job). Just because the adults aren't holding up their end of the bargain shouldn't mean the children have to do without!

Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Talent Alert!

Hey Y'all,

My friend Vicki is the proud aunt to an up and coming singer named Neely who is part of the band Tilly and the Wall! She sent out an announcement today and I just wanted to pass it on to my readers:

"I was so excited I had to share with you guys. Just found out that Tilly and the Wall ( my niece Neely's band) music will be on "Ellen" soon, also in the new Drew Barrymore movie that is coming out and on a Target commercial (Song... Pot kettle black). The commercial ran last night during "Gossip Girls" and will be played during that show every Monday night for a while."

Here are some links you can follow to get a sample of Neely's talent!

Pot kettle black song
(Neely is the one with the long blonde hair)

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, I've been too, too busy lately. Being a homeowner is not an easy thing to do after the home is 15 years old or more. Plumbing, electrical, painting, you name it I've had the problems with it. I have spent the last several days just trying to repair the inlet pipe on my toilet. Finally seem to be successful today, thank goodness.

Kimberli accidentally pulled out her feeding tube last night! Ow! It bled and Bart and Kim decided to put it back in themselves instead of the ER docs because the last time they almost killed her! After several tries with no luck, he remembered they had a new kind that Wake Forest sent to them so he tried that and was successful! It's a good thing he was because Daisy (the pup) snatched the old tubing off the bed and chewed it in half before they realized it was gone! That puppy has been a constant source of entertainment and love for Kim and her family. I wasn't too happy about her getting it because they already had 3 dogs and two cats outside and 2 cats inside along with various fish. Daisy is persona non gratta at my house since she likes to piddle on my carpet and chew my furniture but I think she has been a wonderful addition to Kim's menagerie! The other night Joshua was taking a bubble bath and Daisy jumped in and played in the bubbles with him! Kim called me up just laughing and happy. Made my heart swell.

I took my camera with me to Joshua's soccer game Saturday but even though Joshua played great (as usual) the camera wouldn't cooperate! So . . . no photos to share ;(

Have you ever been to DigiScrapDepot? It's a great site that has all the usual forum, challenges, etc. but the one thing it has that you won't find other places is loads of designer freebies! I upload mine there and so do hundreds of other designers. Today I uploaded some Halloween that Vicky is going to put on a CD along with a lot of other designer Halloween and offer it for sale! Super idea and it just might help me pay for the scanner I just had to replace. Check them out! I really had no idea that there was even a shop attached to the freebie site but she has some great designers listed and I'm getting ready to go back over there and check them out.

Need to get!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apology to Hoorray!

Well, what do I know? Obviously nothing! The layouts I was so ticked about not being in the 'Our Family Heritage' album are . . . they just aren't in the 'original' lineup of layouts. The layouts are available if you click on 'change background' after you open the album up! Is my face red? Yep! Also, my 'baby' albums have different covers too, that I didn't know about. I made an assumption and it was wrong, I am sorry for the rant!

Kim's a little shaky today, her sugars dropped during the night. She says she will be fine in an hour or two and is planning on helping out a friend. That's my girl!

Oh, and my friend Brenda is vacationing in North Myrtle Beach, wish her a happy one please!

Gotta go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Heritage Album is up!

Hey Y'all,
I just checked in at and they have posted my Family Heritage Album! I wish the photos were larger so you could see the backgrounds better; I'm really proud of this design. I made it while going through my Dad's photo albums and odds and ends that had been packed up when he went into the nursing home. Bittersweet memories for sure; I miss him. They left out the pages I worked hardest on, something about photo placement but I don't get it- photos don't have to be rotated to look good on a page of this kind. Here are the pages they left out:

Here is a layout of Dad with the masculine one.
Very disappointing for me. I guess they don't follow how scrappers do their layouts. Anyhow, don't forget that you can get FREE SHIPPING when you use the link on the right to purchase one of the designer albums (hopefully mine!).

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween Freebie!

Hey Y'all!

I finished the Halloween Mini Kit for you. Hope you have a use for it. You can make the elements into stickers for your pages if you like. You can also print these graphics out and use them for hybrid scrapping.

4 Shared

Media Fire

The password for all Halloweenies is pumpkin

Hope y'all have a great week! Don't forget to let me know if you like this or not in the 'comments' section! Thanks!


PS: Think I should make a Halloween album for Hoorray?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Hey Y'all! Happy Labor Day to all of the United States! Happy day to all the rest of the world too!

I have been so busy trying to design that little Halloween kit, and exchanging wonderful emails with a long lost girlfriend, that I forgot to update y'all on Kimberli's condition.

She was released from the hospital Saturday evening with the understanding that she wasn't to be left alone. Her blood gasses, strength, sinuses, and headache were still not right, but they don't like to keep you hospitalized if you can be helped at home. Bart picked her up after soccer practice and before his stint at the stockcar races. I had planned to stay with her while he and the children went to the racetrack, but she refused to let me come up there, saying she was fine on her own. Seems that Suzy and Joshua stayed together in the stands while their dad was in the pits and did very good together. Joshua idolizes his sister, and any time she gives him these days he cherishes. I kept in close contact with Kim the whole time they were gone; she seemed to do fine. She was under strict orders to call me every time she was getting ready to move out of her bed for a drink or potty break so I could keep tabs on her. She actually went to church Sunday morning! She told me she managed to stand every time the congregation did and even sang some of the hymns. She also did some cooking last night; this from a girl who was at death's door (literally!) on Wednesday. She never ceases to amaze me with her determination to be a contributing member of her family.

I have almost finished with the Halloween kit I have been working on. Yes, it turned into a mini-kit instead of just doodles. I sit and complain about not having time to do what needs to be done and then I go and spend extra time on Freebies! Can't help it because once the muse kicks in you have to go with it! Check back later today or tomorrow to see if I have posted it!

Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers!


PS: Don't forget to check out my albums at the site (link on your right)! Remember, FREE shipping on each album!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, my visit with Kimberli and Joshua was the pits. Ended up that she took a turn for the worse Wednesday morning and I had to send her back to Northeast Medical in an ambulance. All the usual symptoms but worse than usual and I couldn't handle them on my own; vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, headache, difficulty breathing, incoherent, dehydrated, and in keytoacidosis. They still had not 'stabilized' her 24 hours later but the nurses assured me that she is going to pull through this too. As of this morning she is doing much, much better! PTL! Her blood counts are all out of whack and sending the wrong signals to her brain for help, so she will have to remain in ICU until they can get a handle on what's causing the wrong signals (something about the body still thinks its in DKA when it isn't). Thought I'd let y'all know; thanks to all of you for your well wishes.

I'm trying to get a little Halloween Doodle page together to give to you, so bear with me for a little while longer.

PS: Don't forget to click on the Hoorray link on the right to get your free shipping on top of the 20% off the site is now offering! I'm hoping they will get my Heritage album up for you to see soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Up!

Hey Y'all,
The link to the Hoorray Designer Line FREE SHIPPING is up (find it on the right column)! You can only get the free shipping on the Designer Line and only when you link from one of our blogs. Check it out ASAP as it's starting now and ending the end of September. I just know you'll love the convenience of online albums!

Kim and Joshua (and Daisy) are down here-things are rough all over.


Monday, August 31, 2009

The Latest Word . . .

Hey Y'all,

The latest word on the promotion on the Designer Line is it begins on September 2 and runs through September 30! WooHoo! That's a lot longer than I had anticipated and the discount is larger too; it will consist of FREE SHIPPING! I love free shipping. It makes the difference on whether I buy or not every time I go shopping online. The discount link from here to there should be ready for 12:00am on 9/2. So get prepared to shop and scrap up at with the Designer Line. You will be doing us both a favor, i.e., you'll get a great keepsake and I will make a little commission and possibly keep my position as designer with them. I don't want to be let go before I actually get in the hang of this designing thing! (I'm beginning a new album tonight, I'm thinking wedding, anniversary maybe even a little Halloween thrown in at some point!

Kim is feeling better today . . . she's pushing herself again in trying to be useful to the family. Her headache has not subsided one bit from before the surgery! I get so worried, I know that I get on her nerves, but I so want her to take care of herself.

Hope all is well with all of my friends and family. Stay close.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Album Pages

Here are some of the pages that I did for the 'Baby's 1st Year' album. The covers are first (I did over 20!), then some of the inside pages. I did multiple colors of pages and babies, but I don't think Hoorray is offering all of them at first. Hope you like them and can leave me some feedback either way!
Thanks for looking! These two albums are up at Hoorray now; one for boys, one for girls.


Things Just Don't Come Easy . . . huh?

Kimberli had her sinus surgery Wednesday morning and here it is Saturday night and she still hasn't been able to sit up or have any solid food. The headaches have abated somewhat according to her and she has finally stopped vomiting. When you are sick already and have to have surgery for anything, it is much worse than it should be. She is getting tube feedings and tube hydration so that cuts down on the vomiting, thank the Lord. Thanks to all who kept her in their prayers for the surgery!

I'd like to thank all you folks who sent Kimberli birthday cards again. They are stacked up on the room divider so they are visible to all who enter, you guys did me proud!

About Hoorray: postponed the discounts for my readers that was suppose to go into effect yesterday. I'm so sorry but I have no idea when everything is going to come to fruition! I'll certainly keep you posted though. I can upload some of the album pages that I have done so you can get a better look at them. Mind you, they are going to have that big copyright on them but you can still get a good look. I'll work on that tonight.

I've installed a new Firefox gadget within the body of my posts; it will give you options to look up words or Google anything that I might talk about. Pretty neat, just highlight the word you are interested in.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Y'All!

Well, just when things were looking a little calmer for my Kim, up pops the sinus surgery she has to have. It's tomorrow morning. I want to ask you: If you have surgery to remove the scar tissue from the previous surgery that's now blocking your sinuses, will you have to continue to remove the scar tissue every time you remove the scar tissue? A conundrum for sure!

Okay, little Miss Daisy May granpuppychild is finally growing and she just might turn out to be of a good size. She peed my carpet the other night so I guess I'm accepted now! LOL! Here are some photos from a couple of weeks ago. She's twice that size now! Still adorable.

Kim and Daisy May

Joshua and Daisy May

Aren't we lucky here!? Our children went back to school today but they have another two weeks in the United Kingdom! My friend Rose is about to pull out her hair! LOL! Hang in there friends!

Well, I heard from Hoorray about some 'reader offers' promotions that we are going to get! Goody, goody. Their Designer Line is going to be 25% off and free shipping for our first reader promotion! It should go into effect on Friday so check back with me then. I'm going to make myself a couple of books; one to give to Kim and one for me ;)

Here is a photo of Kim's birthday cake that the lady who made it took. It was actually lovely in person and tasted even better!

Please send happy thoughts to Kim for her surgery tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hey Y'all!

Well, Kimberli's birthday came and we had a small party for her but I forgot to take my camera (duh) because of all the other stuff I was taking up there. Anyway, some others took photos so when I get some I'll share. Thanks to all of you who sent her cards and flowers! Wow! How wonderful to have so many online friends that are truly caring! You outdid yourselves. Kim was so excited to go through the mail each day; she loved seeing the postmarks and got such joy from receiving your best wishes! My friend Rose of Simply Rose1 even called here twice and sent a beautiful flower arrangement! It was so funny. Kim was telling her children that the flowers came from one of my friends in the United Kingdom and Joshua said, "boy they really have nice flowers over there!" Someone took photos of them and the 3 tiered cake too so I'll post them when I get them. It has taken Kim two days to kind of recuperate from the festivities, she is still having trouble with her stomach of course. She managed to stay up the entire day of her birthday!

Did I tell y'all that she got a new puppy? Her name is Daisy and she is adorable! She is solid black and very small even though she is now eight weeks old and is suppose to be a lab/boxer mix! LOL! No way . . . this pup is too small for those breeds. She wore a pink doggy dress to the party and has a pink doggy princess bed to match! I know Kim didn't need anymore animals but this little puppy has helped to perk up her spirits. Photos of her soon!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the photobook I made Kim. When I can, I am going to have it made and printed by Hoorray! Right now it is an 8x8 scrapbook holding the layouts in photo form. She asked for her life in photos so I did my best. Cannot show them to you because I was in such a hurry to get it together that I didn't make a list of the designers that I used. Anyway, Kim loved the book and I'm sure she will like it even better when I have it printed. The great thing about having your layouts printed by Hoorray is that they will last much longer than paper scrapping and printed photos; so our grands and great grands will be able to enjoy them too!

My darling grand daughter, Tabitha, is now on FaceBook and I get to 'chat' with her! I have missed her so much; it has been over a year since I've seen her. We chatted for over an hour last night!

Well, I got a computer upgrade yesterday and it (the computer) has been on for over 30 hours backing itself up on Carbonite. I just had to get more RAM so that Photoshop would work without stalling. Cannot wait to try it out as I am anxious to get my beach album to Hoorray.

Hope everyone is having a great last week before school up here in the Northern Hemisphere! And happy holidays to you all in the Southern Hemisphere!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some are up!

Hey Y'all!
Just a 'heads up' to let you know that a couple of my albums are up at! Things aren't near ready yet (like I said we are still in Beta testing) but you can get an idea of what's available in the designer lines.
Working on a birthday party for Bootsie (um, Kimberli)!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, Kim had the CAT scan and we are suppose to get the results on Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time, the feeding tube site has become infected and she's been put on antibiotics. They took a culture to see if the infection is Mercer (please NO) and we will probably get those results on Monday because the lab was closed Friday. I've just been praying that it's not Mercer because she would need to be hospitalized immediately if it is.

Thanks to all of you who try and keep up with what's happening with Kim and for all the prayers, comments, and emails.

We actually went out to lunch on Thursday! Kim has been wanting to go to Red Lobster so my friend Ginni, her daughter (Kimber), Joshua, my Kim, and me went. We enjoyed the company as much as the food and Kim didn't throw up! WooHoo! She was really surprised that she didn't get sick.

Kim's birthday is the 15th of this month and will be her big 40! I am so glad she made it . . . I've been so worried that we wouldn't see it together. Kim wants to have a real birthday party with friends and family so we are going to try our best to make sure she gets one.

Here's a photo of us when she was 3 months old!

Hoorray is up in Beta and there are five designers represented this week. Mine isn't up yet but they promise to put up 5 designers a week until they are all done. For the present they are just showing one album per designer because of all the programming it takes for each album. Keep checking back with me because we are going to be able to offer rewards, discounts, and prizes on our blogs! So far I have made a 'Baby's 1st Year' album and a 'Our Family Heritage' album; I'm working on a 'Beach Frames' album. The little babies I designed are so cute if I do say so myself! They were actually taken from my memory of some my mother embroidered on some baby linens for me when I was an infant. The heritage album includes some old pieces that I found when going through my Dad's stuff. Well, just hope you like them when you see them.

Hope everyone is having a great family weekend; school starts soon so love on those 'young'uns!'


Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting Closer!

The grand reveal of the photo site is coming along rapidly now! They have the actual site on hold until all is ready to be revealed. I'm terribly excited about all of this since this will be my 'Design Debut' as an independent designer. First time my work will be seen outside of my blog or the downloads I have offered. I've put in some long hours but the folks at Hoorray have been very supportive of my efforts and have encouraged me to 'spread my designing wings.'

Hoorray has also been good for me to immerse myself in to escape the unbelievable stress that is put on Kimberli every day. She is so pitiful today; her father has hurt her feelings soooo bad. She hasn't gone into great detail with him but she has let him know that her time on earth is almost over; he has not reacted as you would expect or as she wanted. I've tried to ease her mind about this but it's really between them; men just don't 'get it' like women do. We want more attention and to talk about what is coming, not less! I guess it's that old male thing of: 'if we have to discuss it that means you want me to fix it' and this time he can't. I so want to put my arms around her and hold on tight so she cannot go anywhere without me. But not only can I not do this in therory but because of the tenderness and pain of the feeding tube sight, I can't hug her at all. ;( I wish she was down here living with me but I know that she needs to be with her husband.

Keep Kim in your prayers, please. She needs a lot of mental strength to accept the coming months.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Cat Scan?

Hello all. Found out last night that Kim has had a headache since Sunday. Same spot, hasn't moved, or lessened. She saw the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist this morning and he says it could possible be her sinuses but he doesn't want to take any chances so a CAT scan has been scheduled for Tuesday morning. Please, please send up good thoughts and prayers for the problem to be her sinuses or migraines or cluster headaches. Those are bad enough but little Kim doesn't need any more life threatening prognosis!

I'm still working on the beach album. Do any of you need shell .png's? Have you checked out the prices of photos to use in commercial products? hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars for one shot? I'll up load these for you if you are interested; they aren't top notch but they will do in a pinch! Leave me a comment if you need some.

Hoorray is steadily working on a 'full frontal assault' to the Internet ASAP. The Designer Line is coming along nicely but you won't see any of my stuff up there yet. :(

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello all. Just a note to let you know that I'm still alive and am working on my new job as much as possible. Kim had a good day yesterday. Freebie soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Some vintage buttons I needed.


Kim has started making preparations for her funeral. I'm to spend the day with her and Joshua tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey Y'All,

I've been trying to keep up with all that has been happening with my Kim and also working on my Hoorray albums. I'm going to share some bubbles I made later.

Kim has been having the worst kind of pain with her feeding tube sight. Sometimes it hurts her to just breath! She saw the doctor about it today (again) and now they say it's infected and prescribed an anti-biotic for her. Bless her little heart, she try's so hard not to worry me with her troubles even though I tell her that's what mothers are for, to help you carry your burdens. As sick as she has been, she still manages to prop herself up on her walker in the kitchen and make meals for her family. She doesn't eat it herself so I think she is a martyr for her struggles to contribute to the running of the household.

I thought I'd share with you some bubbles I made for one of my Hoorray albums. I'm using them in some beach scenes but they will also work for bath tub, wedding, and anniversary pages. There are 7 different sizes and they all vary slightly from one another. Be sure and adjust the opacity and/or size to suit your layout! Hope you enjoy and can use them! Leave me some luv!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, some Good News!

Hey Y'all,

Kim went to the nephrologist this morning and he said her kidneys are functioning fine! Praise! Praise! Praise!

Kim was in the Emergency Room again yesterday evening, she collapsed from exhaustion. She hasn't been getting all the nutrition she has needed because the manufacturer of the feeding tube parts did away with the type of connector that was needed for Kim to get her entire 12 hours of feedings. She finally received an adapter in the mail yesterday so she should start getting her full feedings again. She is so stressed by her family life that I get exhausted just hearing about it!

Well, I was suppose to visit with my friends today and have lunch and a rest by the pool but that didn't happen for me. I'm afraid my back started acting up yesterday afternoon and I haven't been able to sit or walk normally since then. It's almost 8 PM and I'm just now checking my email; I've been in the bed for almost 24 hours.

Got some news today from IMP! The designer corner is slated to go public on July 19th! I'm really excited to see if their creative department liked the submitted designs I did and if anyone wants to actually purchase an album of my design! I need to continue to work on making more albums but I also need to work on my friend Libby's family albums. I promised to digitize her photos and make DVD's for her children and her and her husband. She has been so forgiving of my inability to work on her stuff for the past couple of months; she's a great friend.

Okay, so that's all the news I have for today. Thanks for visiting!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Blues

Hey Y'all,

Hope all has been going well for y'all. Things are about the same around here; Kim still isn't doing well, my house is a mess, and I've had a headache for over a week now.

Kimberli goes to the nephrologist this Wednesday. Hopefully we will not be getting bad news about her kidney functions. The feeding tube site is giving her all kinds of pain and problems but the PA at Wake Forest University Hospital says it looks good. They put some silver nitrate on the opening, hoping it will scab over and heal up. They said the nitrate would burn and hurt for a while but she hurts so bad with it anyway that she didn't even feel any difference.

I've been down in the dumps for a couple of weeks and I think it's a combination of things but mostly thinking of my dad. Dad's 90th birthday would have been yesterday and I just can't seem to get him off my mind. I just feel he died too soon and needlessly because he was doing great right up into July then he died in August of last year. He went downhill so fast that I had no warning he was going, that and the fact that my erstwhile helpful cousin didn't tell me that hospice had been called in and wouldn't let the nursing home contact me. I'm sorry. This has just got to stop. Here is a layout that I did for my Heritage Album that will be available on Hoorray! sometime this summer. All you have to do is add your photo(s) and some journaling (if you want) and it's ready to go. I just added Dad's photo and a few words to the Remember . . . tag. Hope you like it; there are a number of other pages to go with this one that you can pick and choose from as well as cover choices for the whole album. The image is 'clickable' if you'd like to get a closeup.

Well, hope to give you some more info about Hoorray soon. They are trying to go online this week!


Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey Y'all! I actually have something 'good' to report on Kimberli. She drove to my house Saturday afternoon and we went to lunch and a short shopping trip. She did really, really well except for the fact that she kept crying. It has been almost 6 months since she was able to come and visit us and she kept getting overwhelmed at the thought. She is trying so hard to leave her family with good memories of her; she thinks I don't know what she's doing but I do. She's talking about visiting her father in August, will she see August? Please pray for her to have some relief from the constant pain she is in with the feeding tube as well as some relief from trying to deal with an obstinate and selfish teenager. It's so apparent that she doesn't have that much longer to live and you'd think her Husband and Daughter would treat her more kindly. It really was great to see her 'up and about' for that short time. She goes to the gastro specialist Wednesday and hopefully he can come up with a remedy for the problems with the feeding tube. She goes to a kidney specialist on July 1; please pray the outcome will not be terrible. I know, I always sound defeated-wouldn't you? I am trying though.

Hope all my friends having birthdays this week have great ones-keep in touch Jill and Nicole! Happy one Paul and Blair! Happy Anniversary Jeanette!

I'm off to work on some albums.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Didn't Happen Yet!

Well . . . I was expecting to give you the link to my new 'place' but it's opening has been delayed for a couple of weeks. Sorry, couldn't be helped. I'll keep you updated.

My grandson, Joshua, made the AB Honor Roll and received an award for Outstanding Achievement for the 3rd Grade! We are soooooo proud of him; he has learning disabilities and this is just awesome for him!

My granddaughter, Tabitha, is celebrating her 15th birthday this Saturday! WooHoo! Happy birthday, honey!

Kim was back in the hospital last week. She keeps passing out. They are going to monitor her heart for 24 or 48 hours, I forget which, to see if the problem is other than autonomic neuropathy, and therefor might be able to be fixed. She has lost more weight too. Please keep her in your prayers.

I've been really busy designing for IMP. I have also had some major idea blockages :( When I go to bed, I can't get my mind to stop thinking about designs but when I get up---the ones I though were so good don't seem so great. Oh, well . . . they'll come! I won a $25 gift certificate to Sunshine Studio Scraps for my layout 'Heaven Sent' that I did last month for their Monthly Kit Challenge! I haven't entered anything this month and haven't had any time to go and visit the galleries either; hope to start back soon.

My daughter, Suzanne, around 18 months old.

Thanks to all of you who are hanging 'in' with me! I will eventually get back to blogging more often, giving out freebies, and also 'Free Merchandise' and deep discount coupons for my new publishing venture! Looks like I might be giving away a complete album a week and maybe a $20 gift certificate toward a $50 album a month! Please keep checking back because I know you are going to love these products and everyone loves to win free stuff! I'll also be offering discount coupons for My Album Designs!

So . . . happy third week of June. And . . . Happy Father's Day to all you awesome Dads out there!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello, Again, My Friends!

Taking a break this morning to send along a 'Hello!' and an update on the goings on around here.

First, Kim. She accidentally pulled
out the feeding tube at the beginning of last week and the ER doctor who attended to her almost took her life! He put in a catheter tube and inflated the little balloon in her intestines! Intestinal strangulation is what happened. He didn't know what he was doing or what he was dealing with and didn't ask for input from any other doctors. After this was taken care of, 3 days later after she had been suffering excruciating pain and any number of other symptoms, her gastroenterologist told her she needed to begin treatment in a specialty pain clinic to try and relieve some of her constant pain. True to form, Kimberli misunderstood what he was saying and thought he was sending her to a pain clinic for pain pill abuse so . . . she stopped taking all of them! It took me over an hour to convince her she wasn't dependent nor was she abusing the pills and needed to take them for her well being. Friday morning she received a call from her primary physician telling her that her kidneys had been in distress since early February and it was now time to address the problem. The doctors felt that they couldn't treat her kidney problems last February because of the heart problems and nutrition problems she was having. You would think they could have given her some warning of what was on the horizon. Things are even worse on the home front (can you believe it?) and she needs all the relationship prayers you can offer. Kim is quite literally at the end of her rope and is making talk about not wanting to 'go on.' After all she has been through, this isn't at all surprising to me; why in the world does she have nothing but bad results in everything?

As I told you in my last post, I am now a designer for a publishing firm. The online site was active for a few months back a ways and it didn't pan out because there seemed to much of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. The new management definitely seems to know what to do and we are looking forward to a very successful custom album site! It is slated to go public on June 15! The Designer's Corner might take a couple more weeks after that to be ready. I really hope I get some support from my followers and I promise to do everything I can to make the online album experience fun and rewarding.

Well, I need to get back to Photoshop and put in some time designing. Take care everyone!


PS: I almost forgot to leave you the link for some shape template Freebies!
4shared: Here (I fixed the download link-yes I did! but . . . . 4shared added my account password!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Still Around!

Hey Y'all!
I know you must think I've flown the coop but really I haven't. I have just been designing my butt off! I now have a designer position for a publishing firm! I will link you up as soon as the division goes online! There will be coupons and specials available for you to use on printed and bound scrapbooks! That's right! I'm designing covers and layout pages for you to use your photos on when you make a scrapbook online! It really is going to be an awesome site; there is going to be a special 'Designer's Edition' area that you will be able to choose from my designs as well as several other designers. I'm really excited about this and hope you will give us a try. If you have any special request themes, please let me know! All ideas and request will be honored and appreciated! I had no idea that the position would be so involved so I guess it's a good thing I didn't participate in that designer's contest! Please check back soon and often as I don't know the exact date my designs will be available.

In other news, Kim has been doing so much better for the last week! She is still passing out several times a day but says that she is more prepared than before. Her fluids seem to be good and the doctor says she only needs to gain about 3 more pounds! All the prayers have been so appreciated!

Joshua's EOG's haven't been too good for him. He definitely has a learning disability that is holding him back, but I know that he will persevere and excel soon!

Today is my oldest grandchild's nineteenth birthday! Timothy is definitely grownup! I wish my parents could have lived to see him today. He was such a tiny little boy and we worried he wouldn't be of average height but he out distanced our greatest expectations He is now taller than his parents and large in structure. Amazing what a few years past puberty can do for a boy!

I need to go but I just want to send out hugs for all my friends and family. I love you guys and will get back with you soon.


PS: I will still be giving away freebies, so don't think I have forgotten you collectors!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know!

I know! I'm remiss at keeping up with this blog. I promised to do better soon! I am working on a commercial adventure that I will share with you soon.

Kimberli has had some problems but is holding her own. Thanks for asking!

I will get back here soon!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remember when you ...

Remember when you were applying for your first job and every business wanted someone who had experience? It just didn't seem fair then and now at 62 I'm feeling that way again! Well I applied to a design challenge to get a 90 day spot at a digital scrapbooking store-no, not a permanent spot, just 90 stupid days. When I went to check about the first round . . . right . . . I didn't make it. Most every name on the list already has their products at stores and have been designing for profit for at least a year some for many more. My feelings are hurt, and I'm really bummed that I couldn't make the cut. You know, I have never used the commercial use products in my designing . . . I design my own. Ever notice the kits you buy have the same tired familiar flowers or butterflies and such? Well, that's because they are purchased from a designer for commercial use and anyone can buy them and use them in their kits. I guess it doesn't pay to be original anymore. Yes, I'm bitter. Sorry. But it just stinks. If my designs aren't any good why have thousands of my kits been downloaded? If my designs aren't good enough why has a publishing company been after me for two months to sign up with them? Phooey!!!!!!!!!!! (now I feel better)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here Some Layouts

Hey Y'all,
Here are some layouts that I've done recently for the challenges at Sunshine Studio Scraps. Most were using the WonderGirls Island Splash kit, one is from a kit I created and one is a quickpage I made from Madame Wing's kit.