Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hi Y'all,

Life has been full of ups and downs these past three months. This week is definitely a down time but I need to try and get back to the things I love. One of the things I love is visiting my friends blogs.  I have become very attached to some of my online buddies and my most favorite and beloved lost her Mom this week. Such a sweet, sweet person and I felt as if I 'knew' her and have been so sad since finding it out. The ironic thing about the timing of her death is that it was the anniversary of my Mom's death. Twenty years ago if someone had told me that I would have 'pen pals' throughout the world that I would keep up with, I would have told them they don't know me very well because I am a 'hands on' type of person.  Well, I certainly was wrong!

Another online buddy of mine has begun a small 'Challenges & Triumphs' group. We discuss what we need to do, what we wish we could do, and what we actually do.  The point is to give each other a reality check and point out the triumphs that we seem to never see for ourselves. This gives us a boost and keeps us on track with those things we know we MUST do.  I feel it is working and it has only been two days!  So, if you have a hard time with challenges in your daily life, write them down and be sure and lists all the things that you did do so you can be in a positive mood.  If you'd like to bounce anything off me, give it a go as I am always interested in my fellow bloggers, scrappers, and designers.

I finished another page kit this week.  I am really a slow designer and I thought I wasn't doing too good but I have been told it is because I make almost every items in my kits from scratch. In other words, I very seldom use what other designers have made to sell for commercial use; not always but not very often.  I digress. The new kit is called 'A Lady's Boudoir.' I feel really good about this one and think you will enjoy using it and will return to it time and time again because it depicts all things feminine in A Lady’s Boudoir.  Here are the previews I made to display it and HERE is the link to my shop at Southern Comfort Scraps if you’d like to purchase it.  In fact, I am trying to learn how to make a coupon for my products and if you email me at it will prod me to learn and I will send you one for 50% off the ‘A Lady’s Boudoir’ kit! Not a bad deal for a couple minutes of your time, huh? My newsletter subscribers are getting a Cluster Frame Freebie made with 'A Lady's Boudoir' so I though I would post a Quickpage Freebie for my blog followers.  If you'd like to get in on the freebies from my newsletter, you must sign up first. (the sign up is over to your right at the top)

 Here is the quickpage I made for you with my Tabba as the 'Princess!'

You can download the quickpage at 4Shared:  HERE

Unless otherwise stated most all of my freebies are for personal use only.

Well, it's going on 2:30 and I still have to write my newsletter before I go to bed.  So I'll bid you adieu until I get back or you send me an email!