Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Update

Hey Y'all,
I went to the hospital to see my poor little girl today. They've pumped her so full of fluids that she's very plump, to say the least! Her spirits were much better today and we sneaked Joshua in so she could see him. We had to take the chance while we had it because she won't be coming home for a few days yet. It amazes me how little the people who work there care. I wanted to rub her back so she would feel better and when she turned over, we found 2 large plastic needle covers, 5 gauze pads, paper from several band aids, and the terminal leads for the EKG machine all under her back! Please, that much stuff for her to lay on! It totally shows how much the caretakers take care seriously. What's scary is that this was done by more than one staff person! I really don't like leaving her there all this time. She has been there since Thursday and her husband came in and changed the sheets today! I'm sorry, I should be grateful that there is such a large facility that close to her home that saved her life. Enough said. I brought Joshua home with me. Thanks again for the prayers-don't know what we'd do without them! Thank you for all the sweet emails too. Chat with you soon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Update 2

Hey, just so you know, Kimberli did have a heart attack yesterday. We just found out. Please keep praying for her, she's only 38. Thanks.


Hey Y'all
Spoke with my daughter this morning and things aren't looking too good. The additional blood work confirmed that Kim has suffered more heart damage and the cardiologist has been called in. This should happen sometime today, sooner than later is the hope. Kim is still vomiting so the intravenous drip is still in place; she is on complete bed rest, has a catheter, and has been placed on forced oxygen to give her heart and lungs a rest. Please keep my girl in your prayers. thank you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Hey Y'all!

I know I haven't posted much this week. Things are topsy turvy again. Kimberli has been sick and went back into the hospital this morning. So far all we know is that she is projectile vomiting and it seems to be coming from her diabetes induced gasteoparesis (paralyzed stomach). Her husband thinks she will be able to come home tomorrow if they can control the vomiting. Yuk! Please keep Kim in your prayers.

The other thing that is holding me up is that I went ahead and ordered at Wacom Tablet this week and it is already here! :( I don't have time to play with it yet. I hope to be able to give you good news about Kim in a later post!


PS: Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Timothy!

Today is my oldest grandchild's 18th birthday! He has grown from a tiny little baby to a small little boy to a big ole' strapping man! He has always been a little lover and I don't think that has really changed with his age; he adores his family and spends most all of his free time with them. This first photo is the day he was born to my daughter Suzanne and her husband Timothy, Sr.

This is 5 generations of the Dunaway family. Me, My Dad, Suzi with Timothy, and Grandma Dunaway. Grandma had Alzheimer's but she was lucid periodically and knew that Suzi had the baby. Her nurse called us on the Friday before this Sunday to let us know that she didn't think Grandma had much time left but that she wanted to see the baby! This photo was taken on the following Sunday and Grandma knew who we all were! She passed away the very next day.

This photo was in May 1999 when Timothy was 9!

And this is our boy last month on his way to his Senior Prom! That's his mom behind him.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Timothy!


Happy Memorial Day!

Hey Y'all!
Well, today is the day those of us in the U.S. celebrate our Armed Forces. Let's keep all of our military in our prayers and thoughts today and everyday!

My daughter, Kim, wanted to know why I haven't posted lately? Gosh, it seems like I just finished the 'Tag' post but as I've said before: 'once you get past 60-time flies!'

To appease her and to celebrate Memorial Day, I'm bringing forward some of my Freebies from earlier in the year. I am currently working on a Biggie and hope to have it ready sooner than later! LOL! Hope you enjoy these, I'm just listing the link-not the previews-you'll just have to trust me that they are something you might want!

Dot Alpha Upper A
Dot Alpha Upper B
Dot Alpha Lowercase
Butterflies II
Lace Frame

Now wouldn't it be nice if you left me something to read when you download!
Y'all have a great day!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged Again!

Being tagged seems to be going around again. Ms. Vicki C got me again so I have to come up with 7 weird things about me (which shouldn't be at all hard to do) and then see if I can come up with 7 lovely people to tag and link to.
Hmm . . . let's see.

1. I love tv shows and movies about outer space and inner space. i.e., Galactica, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, CSI (all), Grey's Anatomy, ER. I really love watching television.

2. Before I got old and decrepit, I did all the plumbing, carpentry, and electrical repairs around the house. I once built a shed that I designed and drafted the plans for.

3. The kids in my neighborhood in Virginia called me the 'bird lady' because my yard and trees stayed full of birdies and when I went outside and whistled they came flocking down to me. My backyard was strictly for the wildlife.4. I love flip flops and crocs; I have 32 pair of flip flops! Also my feet are too small; I wear a child's 3 or Women's 4.
5. I am uncomfortable in clothing, especially underwear, that has thick seams and I will wear them inside out if I'm staying at home! LOL!

6. My Mom grew up in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and one of her playmates was Billy Graham. (not weird, just interesting?) A few years back, I visited the area and found the church where my grandmother was buried about 80 years ago!

7. When I was a child, my brother and I would go to the creek and catch tadpoles so we could watch them grow into frogs (me too, Vicki!); we loved to catch lightening bugs (fire flies) on hot summer nights and pull off their tails and stick them all over our bodies so we would "glow" in the dark! This seems very cruel to me now, but back then a lightening bug necklace was very cool indeed; we also caught June bugs and tied a thread to one of their hind legs and let them fly around and around our heads while we pretended to be helicopters! Really, y'all, there wasn't any TV so we had to amuse ourselves somehow!

Now, who to tag?

The lovely Donna Lynn, Blushing Rose Antiques, who is not only a mom to men of stature but is really a southern belle at heart (even if she doesn't know it!).

Ms. Kara Ward, My Studio Pink, who is a designing queen, super mom, and all around diva!

The totally fabulous, talented, and beautiful Megan Farrow, Flergalicious, (aka Flergs the digi designing queen).

The adorable, talented, and sweet Ms. Deb S, Union Street Musings, who is a good friend to have around when your ego needs stroking!

Ms. Laurie of Charming Designs who has the market cornered on little lovelies that pull on your heart strings.

The oh so capable renovating diva, Rachel of the Romantic Porch.

And last, but not least, Marina Capano of Only Cute Things, decorative artist, decorator, TV star, sweet friend, and mother.

Well, ladies, please play along with the rest of us. You must list 7 little known facts about yourself, link back to me as the tagger, then choose seven people to tag, list their names and link to their blogs and notify them that they've been tagged. Okay, so perhaps this is the last time I get tagged? I don't know if I want to reveal anymore weird facts about myself! Y'all have a great weekend!


Marina Capano's Open House

These are the links to the participants: (don't forget to see mine in the previous two posts!)
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Have a happy time!

Some More Photos

As promised in the earlier post today, here are some more photos of my home for the Open House Party that Marina Capano (Argentina TV Star!) is hosting. Be sure and go to her blog to get the links for the other participants from around the globe! These photos really aren't that good because I cannot find the stabilizer on this new camera! LOL! Maybe I should read the operating instructions.

Except for my room and my studio, the house is done in red, white, and blue! The living room has a 'jungle' theme. I was going for an 'Out of Africa' style. Parts of it work and parts don't.This little 'music set' was found at a yard sale a long time ago!I reupholstered this wing chair myself. I was really proud of the job I did; I had only watched TV to learn how to do it!

This sofa table works better to define the walk through than it does behind the sofa.I like decorative balls too!This shot of the living room is taken from the breakfast room.Part of the kitchen. See, I told you I decorated in red!This is the den taken from the breakfast room also. I like to read, you think?These are more shots of the dining room; this one is the breakfront.
I love tassels so they are found in most every room.These plates are very special to me. The redware belonged to my Mother's Mom, whom I never met as she died right after Mom was born. The bowl was another gift from Lynn's Cousin Eleanor.I use to crochet and cross stitch before my hands got so bad. I made these for the entry way.I designed and made the mirror frame and the swags in the powder room.I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little home. I couldn't show you all of it because I'm a lousy housekeeper and I didn't want to embarrass myself! Be sure and look at the post before this one, as it has the photos of my favorite place: my bedroom.


Sorry! I forgot about the House Party!

I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached so securely by this fat neck of mine! Today is the House Party hosted by the beautiful Marina Capano of Argentina. Marina wants us all to share our favorite space with photos but silly me forgot so I had to rush these shots (okay, I know I'm no photographer!) for the blog hop. Marina has a lovely home that she has decorated and shared with love; please don't let my inability to remember spoil your blog hopping! Go to Marina's site and check out all the links from around the world!

One of my favorite places to relax and sooth my soul is my tiny little bedroom. It has my ugly but oh so comfortable Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed that I simply cannot live without. I made curtains, bed hangings, and tabletop covers from some Laura Ashley fabric that I fell in love with years and years ago. After I post this quickie, I will go and take some more photos. I could not get my best camera to function today-don't know what the problem is. Here is a photo of my bedside table with my collection of family photos. This will be changing soon as I am in the process of making a wall hanging to go near here with these photos.

This is my lovely wicker rocker that my good friend Ginni gave to me several years ago. I like to sit there and have a cup of tea and read my Photoshop magazines. The dresser is an antique that was given to me by Cousin Eleanor of my friend Lynn.

You can see one of my baby dolls behind the little boudoir lamp.

This is my dining room. The buffet , breakfront and table were also given to me by Cousin Eleanor! I had them reconditioned and purchased the chairs and had them finished to go with the set. As you can see it is a sunny Carolina day!

I'm going to go and take some more photos.


I'm Baaack!

Wanted to let you know that the Carbonite backup went smoothly with no problems at all! I am not use to doing things of this nature without some kind of flub up happening. If you're interested in getting a reasonably priced online backup system, then Carbonite is for you! I shopped around and the others I found were astronomical in price and had limitations as to how much you could backup. If you are interested in a trial or purchase send me your email address and I will refer you from their site and you will get an extra free month! I didn't know about this so I got the 12 months not 13. My email is livhudsonatjunodotcom.

Here is my latest digital layout. Watch out! Don't burn your eyes looking at it! LOL! I matched the colors in Kim's mother's day outfit so they are searing hot! Did I tell you that she drove the 45 minutes down to my house to visit me for Mother's Day? She had only been discharged from the hospital the night before! This was for a 'build it' challenge at Scrapbook Graphics.

Paper: Jessica Bolton (SBG), Pastiche, solid green; Rhonna Farrer, Love Stripes, 2 Peas Freebie; Scalloped Border: Flergs (SBG) w/Flergs Glitter Applied; Scalloped Mat: MGL Designs, Pink Matte; Frame: Traci Sims (SBG), Pink Scallop; Green Glitter Heart: Flergs Funky Hearts (SBG); Scattered Hearts: Flergs Freebies; Alpha: Tina Williams, White Alpha; Acrylic Heart: Meredith Fenwick (SBG); Pressed Flowers: Traci Sims (SBG), Urban Fragments; All Glitter: Flergs! (SBG); Font: Brock Script, Downloaded from Internet; Other: Butterfly Charm, Tack, Me.

I have really missed hopping around to my favorite blogs. I'm sure the reason my upload slowed down my ability to surf was because my DSL has been acting up for the past week. I hope to come by and visit everyone tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why haven't I Been Posting?

Hey Y'all! Quickie: Not posting because I purchased an online backup plan from Carbonite and though I'm suppose to be able to work as usual on my computer the upload is making everything too slow. It might take days for the original backup, so I don't know when I'll be back. :-( Take care, loves, I'm thinking about you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Saga Continues . . .

Hey Y'all!

Remember I told you I would post more of the chipmunk saga? Well, Little One, lived several years after I helped her out and rewarded me with numerous clutches of babies! Have you ever heard of biological imprinting? Well that's just what happened with all of Little One's progeny! After that rescue, I never lacked for chipmunk friends as they would all come to me just as their ancestor had!

This chipmunk was a favorite of mine, his name was Chippy (IV or V? I'm not sure) and was easy to distinguish from the others because a squirrel bit off part of his tail one day when they were fighting over some nuts. Chippy loved to get up on my shoulders so he could look around without being afraid something would swoop down and grab him for supper! When I moved to North Caroline, seventeen years ago and one year after these photos, we didn't have any chipmunks for years and years. I made friends with rabbits and woodpeckers, herons and opossums, but I only saw one chipmunk in all the years I have lived here.

Yep, those are my legs when they were much younger, firmer, and tanned! I miss my little friends (and those legs!).

Thanks for all your concern about Kimberli. She seems to be doing pretty good this week and has a big weekend planned with her family and her father. There's an automobile race in Charlotte this weekend and they are big fans (actually, Kim's husband works on a pit crew sometimes). I won't be seeing her or the grands but summer is coming and even though we can't go on vacation we will be able to see each other more often while school is out. Kim is an animal lover too and besides her 3 house cats and 3 dogs, she currently holds the title to 'grandma' to two litters of stray kittens! Her basement became the birthing room for two strays withing 14 hours of each other! She now has a total of 12 cats under her roof. She promises me that she will find them all good, indoor, homes and not keep ANY! She' a sucker for cats. Murphy's about 17 I think and then there's BB who was rescued at Wal-Mart the same time as my Peaches, then Little Bit, who was my younger daughter's cat that they had to get rid of because of allergies. Kim brought her home from Virginia.

Well, happy weekend to all! Remember, to be happy is like a good marriage, you have to work at it!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Hey Y'all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm okay; the squirrels and snakes have been at bay and all's right in my household! I've been busy with the electrician for a couple of days and I've been working on a wall hanging and a digital kit. The wall hanging is coming along slowly but surely and the digital kit has 8 papers so far. I'll be sure and post the link for you to get it as soon as it's done.

I hope all of you have been praying for the victims and survivors of the China earthquake; the last I heard there could be over 20,000 deaths. This is totally unimaginable to me even though I know it has happened-my brain just can't wrap itself around those kind of statistics. My heart goes out to all that are involved in any way and I pray for quick relief for all.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You Friends!

Thanks to all of you, my dear friends, for your inquiries and prayers for my daughter, Kim. Sorry it has taken so long for me to come back and update you; things have been kind of topsy turvy since last Wednesday. Kim wasn't released from the hospital until yesterday evening-4 days in intensive care can make me crazy for relief from fear for her. On top of the problems she was having, the hospital was under a 'flu watch' while she was there! Everyone had to wear sterile paper scrubs into each patient's room, no exceptions, to keep from spreading a flu virus! I was very concerned that Kim would catch it too because her little body can't take much more of anything. She is feeling much better and even drove down to take me out to lunch today. No amount of telling her to rest and take care of herself would persuade her to do otherwise. We did have a nice lunch together and besides my grandson acting like a crazy man, it was nice to be together. Joshua was in one of those 'I got my mommy back' moods that leads him to be obnoxious and cute at the same time! Couldn't even get him to sit still long enough for a Mother's Day photo. Kim looked really nice all dressed up in her Mother's Day outfit.

About the critters: haven't seen nor heard a thing from them since Saturday week! We only caught the one and no more but the attic seems to be clear of the rodents for the time being. The electrical repair man will be here at 8:00am tomorrow to assess the damage that they made to our wiring. I'm hoping to be able to get a good nights sleep when I no longer have to worry about fire. All the other critters around my home are in full bloom, that is babies everywhere! Saw one of the mallard couples shepherding 12 tiny ducklings across the back yard to the pond. The Cardinals are feeding every peeping birdie in sight and the geese are honking up a storm to warn others to stay away from their youngin's! The rabbits and opossums should be bringing out their kittens soon. Perhaps I can get a couple of shots of the families this week to share with you. I had hoped to post some photos of the beautiful irises in my neighbor's garden but time took its toll before I could.

Hope this has been a wonderful, loving, and joyful day for all of you! Thank you again, for all the prayers and good wishes.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Reminder of Time Slipping Away

Dear Friends, Thank you for understanding me! I have a terrible time with time!

Another reminder last night of precious time not spent with those who really mean the most to us. My daughter, Kimberli, is back in the hospital. For those of you who don't know Kim's circumstances, a brief explanation: Kimberli is a Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic. Kimberli is what is known as a 'brittle' diabetic, there is no controlling her sugar levels; not by her, her specialists, or her hospital. Kim has neuropathy problems with her skin, her stomach, her intestines, her pancreas, her liver, and now possibly her eyes. Because of diabetes she cannot control her bowel movements, feel the temperature of water when she showers or prepares the tub for her little boy, digest her food in a timely manner, control her blood pressure, or see without dark sunglasses. Yesterday she went into what is called keto-acidosis and is a dangerous condition for a diabetic. She was having chest pains and was very weak; the ER doctors think she might have had a heart attack. They are running periodic test to map the tell tale signs in her blood. She is so vulnerable. She is only 39 years old and the mother of two. Please include her on your prayer list; I want much more time with her. Thank you.

Kim with my dad in March of this year.


I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, A Romantic Porch, and Rachel was speaking of time. Time is a subject that stays on my mind much more than I want it to and much more than it should. I left a comment and while I was doing so it occurred to me that I should put those thoughts on my blog too. I need my family and friends to understand me and what is important to me.

I'm going to be 62 in September and every single day I have thoughts of time going too quickly. There are so many things I'd like to experience; so many people I'd like to meet and love. So many projects I'd like to begin and finish. So many kisses I need to give my children and my grandchildren and my friends. So many smiles and hugs I want to share. I so enjoy my life now and what I do with it but I experience feelings of guilt when I'm checking my favorite blogs or find myself at a standstill, gazing out the window at God's beautiful world and its creatures.

Am I using my time wisely? How much more time do I have? Do I want to know? These are questions that undoubtedly have been asked, by millions, for eons before me; none have been able to come back and give us the answers!

This I can tell you: As you grow older, time passes faster and faster. It's Monday morning and then it's Sunday evening and you find yourself spinning through time so quickly that it is frightening! So hold on to all of the moments and they will add up to a lot of life truly lived. When my time comes to an end, I hope I have run out of kisses and hugs because I know I do not want to take any with me.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your time!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scraplift Challenge

Hey Y'all! I made this page for a SBG scraplift today of my father and I back in 1948! Woo! Old! I will be coming back and posting the rest of the photos and story of 'Little One,' just not today, I needed to create something.

BP: BrittishDesigns-SunshineSweetsPaper4;Overlay: RitaMassela-Collection8;Swirlies: Manuela
Zimmermann, 1 & 2;Cluster Border 6: Flergs;CrochetFrame:Diane Rigdon, Bursting 4th;Flowers: Flergs,
Caramel Pudding;Fairy Wings: Flergs; Font: Brock Script; Adobe PS CS3

I think it's kind of odd that I cruise all my buds blogs every day to see their new posts and if they haven't any I send them a message about where in the world are they. But here I am, posting maybe 3 times a week? No one seems to miss me so . . .


Monday, May 5, 2008

More Wildlife Photos

Hey Y’all! As promised, here are some more of my backyard wildlife photos. But first let me give you a background story on these shots. When I lived in Virginia, my backyard was a “creature sanctuary” that I created because of my love for animals. I had the yard fenced in to keep out dogs and to deter curious neighborhood cats from seeing what was going on in my protected space. I had brush piles for chipmunks, hedge lines for the birds, and water and food on several different levels for all. My backyard was very popular for the wounded or elderly birds, squirrels, and other small animal life that came through; their families would leave them there to live out their days. I watched all the comings and goings from my kitchen window, just fascinated at the everyday drama that happened right outside. One day I noticed a chipmunk that was hobbling on three legs. I got out my binoculars to check closer to see what was wrong. I discovered that the little fellow had been caught in a butterfly or fish net and had chewed his way out except for one circle that was left around his neck and he had one paw caught up in it too. I could see where the net was cutting into his neck and the paw was swollen. I decided that I had to do something to help out the little guy. I got one of my lawn chairs, a butterfly net, a pair of cuticle scissors, leather gloves, and raw peanuts in the shell, then settled down by the area I had seen him frequent to wait on his return. I did this for two days, 3 hours at a time, hoping to lure him close enough to catch him and help out before he died from strangulation or injury. The end of the second day rewarded me with the little guy coming very close to the chair I sat in and whap! I got him! I was praying out loud that I wasn’t giving him a heart attach and that he would cooperate with me while I tried to free him from his man made prison. I discovered that I couldn’t hold the little cuticle scissors with the leather gloves on so I had to do this barehanded. As I held his soft little body, I managed to grip him tight enough that he couldn’t move while I gently clipped away at the netting. When it was cut through, I pulled it away from the raw skin and put Vaseline on the area (it was the only thing I could think of that would be safe to use). While I was doing this, he wasn’t making a single sound nor was he really struggling to get away; I think he was resigned to his inevitable demise because what else could he think after being caught twice in a net! I kept telling him over and over, ‘Little One you will be alright if you let me fix this for you. Just let me fix this for you.” Finally it was over and I removed him from my net and sat him down on the ground so he could run off and lick his wounds and recover his sanity. I was pretty positive that I would never see him again because why in the world would he trust my yard anymore! Two days later, I was sitting on the deck having my morning coffee and tossing peanuts to the birds and squirrels as I always did. When miracle of miracles there came Little One, looking much better than the last time I had seen him, and he jumped up on the deck seat beside me! He gazed up at me like he'd been doing that all his life! The little guy made me cry for happy as I gave him peanuts to take back to his little den. This became a morning ritual for us that went on into the spring of that year. Little One didn’t show up two mornings in a row and I was so worried about him and my family was so put out with me because I was obsessing over the little guy. The third morning, I called him, and he popped his little head out of a brush pile and barked as if to tell me that he could hear me and that he was all right. A week or so after that, I discovered that Little One wasn’t a ‘he’; ‘she’ had six little babies that she led up to the top of the brush pile for me to see! My Aunt Myrtle took these photos of me and Little One the fall of that year. I took the photo of Little One’s babies playing on the brush pile.

There is more to this story but this post has been long enough! Hope y'all enjoy the photos and have a great evening!


PS: Haven’t caught anymore squirrels. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

Hello Y'all,
Today is National Scrapbooking Day and I made a card template to share with you. I am doing this as a participant in the Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Blogger Party.


You can download it here!

Sample Mother's Day Card-for Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Template for NSD
Flergs Onyx Dance Paper 3 and 4; Skrapper Digitals JeanAnn Paper; Veronica Spriggs Cherry Crushed Denim Paper;Flergs Onyx Dance Bow Wrap;Word Art: PolkaDotPlum LoveActually; Font: Brock Script, MS; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3

This is a sample card I made using my template. You can merge the two halves of the heart to use it for one paper or photo if you would like. I put a fill stroke around two of the layers to make them stand out better. There is a text path also! Just get your horizontal type tool, choose the color, font, and size you want then highlight the path and type away. The template is sized for a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock or photostock and you fold it in half to make a landscape card.

Visit these blogs to get your free card sketch/template (you will probably have to highlight them, copy, and then paste into your search engine. Each participant has a list so you don't have to come back here if you don't want to.

List of {Inter}National Blog Party Peeps:

Julie Ann Shahin Designs
Everyday Digital Scrapbooking
Dragon Flaire Studios
Sarah PSP Devotees Blog
Life & Art in Angeltown
Bits of Ivory
Scrapbooking the Scriptures
Karen's Dreaming Big
Michelle's Ink
DigiScrap Chat
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A Fairytale Life
Cactus Mango Designs
Juliana Gordon
Elemental Scraps
Shaker Box Blog
Sandy's blog
Flutterinby Girl
The World of Just Jana
Scrapbook Trends

Have fun!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Day For This Old Gal!

The day started out early (as usual) but not because of the squirrels this time! The tree removal guys, Wolfe Tree Service, were here right after 7 a.m. to begin the job of taking down 3 of my trees. When I went outside to meet and greet them, we found a teenager squirrel dead in the front yard. I guess the guy fooling around on the roof yesterday must have scared him to death. Then after they left the Critter Control guy came to begin squirrel proofing the house and setting the traps. He didn't get finished and needs to come back tomorrow.

Oh well, the squirrels won again today ;( Most of my time today has been spent dealing with these people and I didn't get to post more wildlife photos today. I really need to get up from here and start supper then get some rest. You might pray that all the squirrels were out of the attic when the man put the trap at the hole; that way none of them have to die from exposure during the night tonight.

Be sure and check back after midnight tonight because a big blog party is beginning and you can download a freebie card template from me and then hop on over to the next blogger and get their freebie template and so on right down the line! There are a bunch of designers participating in this give-away!

Hope all my peeps are healthy and happy tonight!


PS: I promise to post some new photos this weekend.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here Are A Couple of My Wildlife Photos

Just thought I would post these squirrel photos to prove that I'm not a squirrel hater! This was a very hot Virginia day in July and I kept the water bowl on the deck railing full of cool water for my feathered friends and a larger bowl on the ground for the squirrels and chipmunks. This squirrel came to get some water from the small bowl then moseyed on out into the yard. I went out and replenished the water and then he came back! I think these photos are priceless!

He was very hot, indeed!
After he cooled off his little bottom he took a snooze!


He stayed there for over half an hour; never seen a squirrel be that still for that long! I guess he was really, really, hot! I hope to post more of my wildlife photos tomorrow.


Woo Hoo!

He didn't stay long but at least he began! Will be back tomorrow morning! Woo Hoo!