Friday, September 27, 2013

Is it Sunday yet?

Hello Friends, Fans, and Followers,

No, it's not Sunday yet but I needed to post this week's blog gift early and let you know about my birthday celebration sale. Yes, I am still counting birthdays; kind of glad I have managed to get this old! I am turning 67 on Sunday! You will find that as you age, the days, weeks, months, and years just continue to go by faster and faster! I am sure that is why I am always behind, my time goes faster than anybody's (that's my story anyway!).  I am having one of my rare sales of 50% off in all my shops beginning Saturday and going through Monday. I guess I should have more sales, I know the store owners want me to but I don't want to have a sale unless I am really having a sale! KWIM? I just don't get the mentality that says to jack up the prices so that you can have a continual sale; reminds me of those 'going out of business' scams that used to be everywhere.  Anyway, here is the ad copy:

We are going into the holiday season pretty quickly now; there are Halloween kits and even some Christmas kits already in the stores! Things are going to get really hairy around here pretty soon because we will also have (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day.  I hope I can keep up with the rest of you guys!

Here is this weeks blog gift, Indian Summer Page Accents. I hope you like them! Just click on the link below the preview.

If you'd like some more of these, I am including two more in my newsletter this week.  I like these page cluster as you can use them as a photo mat, title or journal mat, or just a pretty accent.

Keep on the lookout for some new blog trains in October, the Berry Applicious train will go live on the 14th of October and I think Pixel Scrapper's train will be live on the 1st of October.

Thanks for coming by and hope you go and buy something of mine on sale and make my birthday special!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Blog Freebie!

Hello Friends, Fans, and Followers! How have you been doing this past week? Are you experiencing weather upheavals in your part of the world? It is getting closer to the best time of the year for North Carolina, fall! When the hot summer sun starts its winter descent we can finally breath a sigh of relief! The other great thing about this time of the year in the US is we get new television programs! Yay! I am looking forward to the dramas, mysteries, and cop/firemen shows! I love to sit and veg in the evenings in front of my telly!

If you are looking for the Blog Train List Blog Train, it is in the post prior to this one.

I uploaded some new products this week; I added three minis to the Art Nouveau category at Digi Style Designs.

I have something different for you this week.  I made some flairs/buttons that you can use on your Facebook postings as well as your scrapbooking layouts!  I thought they would be fun to use and since they are so small, they upload in an instant so take no time to use. There are 8 separate, identified, files for convenience; just put them in a folder on your desktop so you know where to grab them from.  I hope you enjoy this freebie!

Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and when you do, be sure and confirm the subscription when Mad Mimi sends you the link! My next free drawing will be in the October 6, 2013 newsletter!

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog Train List Awareness Blog Train!

Hello Scrappers,
Here is my portion of the Blog Train List Awareness Anti-Bullying Blot Train:


Please educate yourself and your children about putting an end to this horrible torture!

Check out this video:  UTube

Here is the train line up:

Patty B Scraps
Dea’s Design
Shuckclod’s Stuff
FB Queen JJ Creations
Kreations By Sparky
Timber Scraps
Jiovanna’s Creations
Marniejo’s House Of Scraps
CL Graphics - Me*
Crazy Tiffs
Mama’s Designz
Ann’s Scrapbook Heaven
Dakota Winds Graphics

Come back soon and don't forget to check the rest of my blog for freebies!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Blog Freebie 9/15/13

Hello y'all,
That time of the week to share with you a small token of my appreciation for your support! This week I've made you a CU okay Overlay Transparency in three sizes.  I hope you enjoy using this gift and come back soon.

The Blog Train List Awareness Blog Train goes live on the 20th so come back to grab my portion!

Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter! Each month I draw a name from my subscribers and they get to choose a free kit of their choice!

For those of you who showed an interest in the little black puppy I showcased last week, Biggie Small, he isn't doing so well and needs our prayers and support. He is just a tiny, wee bit of life and is absolutely adorable.  If you would like to learn more about little Biggie, check out his Facebook page:  RescueRappinBiggieSmall

If you'd like to donate to a critically injured little Chihuahua girl dog named Nadia, she can use every single $1! No amount is too small! GO HERE:
Nadia was beaten almost to death by a coward, now it is our turn to help her in any way we can.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just to say hello!

Got a nice little surprise from Chris when I came online this evening! She had made a layout using my latest creation 'Memories of You!' I have several of these available, a pink one, a blue one, and a woodtone one; Chris used the pink one for her adorable and beautiful daughter, Susan's, page! See:

I love seeing my work used. I'm sure everyone feels that way but I always get excited and have questions about how they did this or that and was it easy or hard, etc.  I'm nosy but I call it interested! If you'd like to see the rest of the colors, check them out by clicking on the tab Newest Kit Previews, above.  Here's the collage I did with my kitty:

The DST blog train posts is a couple of posts before this one!

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Freebie Time!

Hello Scrappers,

How have you been? Did you have a pleasant week? Have you been riding the Digi Shop Talk Blog Train and increased your scrapping stash? I love blog trains! Before I started designing I used to hop aboard every single one I heard about and now I try and participate in every single one I hear about! If you are looking for my part of this month's DST train it is in the post just prior to this one.

Been another hot time in North Carolina this week, temps have soared higher than they have been all summer! I'm not complaining though, I am thankful that we have had a really cool summer by North Carolina standards.  I wonder if that means we will have a colder winter or warmer winter than usual? Colder, I certainly hope!

Have you heard about my Loyalty Lottery? I have already had the pleasure of giving away one of my largest kits to this month's newsletter supporter/subscriber! Sign up and confirm your email addy to be automatically entered into the monthly drawing:

School has begun for all the schools in NC now that it is the second week of September; Please Watch Your Driving! I have made you a really large piece of wordart/clipart to use on your school layouts.  I decided to make it 12 inches square so that you may use it as an album cover or a facing page or just reduce it and use it as an element. I love basic grade school colors and I think that is what makes this gift special. I hope you like it! There is a direct download link below the preview.


Little Biggie Small passed away from a grand mal seizure in October, 2013.

I have a request: Could you please help this tiny little fellow, Biggie Small, get the funds he needs for a liver shunt? He is absolutely adorable, has been through more than any tiny little being should, and has already raised $5,000 of the $6,000 needed! Anything you can do as most of his funds have been small donations of only 1 to 2 dollars! Just go here to see him, read his story, watch a video if you'd like, and donate! This is Biggie's Facebook page:

Gone but I will never forget him!
Thanks so much! Please look around my blog as I have loads and loads of freebies! Have a wonderful week!

I forgot to tell you that I uploaded a bunch of new things this past week to all my shops! Check them out by clicking on the 'Newest Kit Previews' tab above!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

DST September 2013 Blog Train!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have my part of the DST September Blog Train 'Country Fair' ready for you to add to your digital stash. You should have reached me from Pixel Scrapper's Blog (Marisa & Brooke). Here is my part:


The next stop on the train is Mags Graphics's Blog. Please be sure and thank all the wonderful designers for providing all the goodies for you, we all like to feel we are appreciated! :)  If you should get lost you can always head back to the DST Blog!

If you haven't been to my blog before, take a look around as most of my freebies never expire and the ones that do expire in a year from their posting date!  Take a moment to sign up for my newsletter for news and freebies on a weekly basis.

Y'all come back now!