Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday's Blog Gift

Hello Fans,
Sorry I was so rude last week and didn't say anything when I posted the gift.  My Minnie was sick again and I just wasn't up to making nice; she is much better today though! I don't have any new photos of Minnie but I do have some of my 4 month old great grandson, Jase, to share.  He is such a happy baby that you cannot help but smile and be happy too when you see him!

He always has that smile on his face. His Dad, my grandson Tim, called my daughter this week and told her that Jase discovered he could scream and has been practicing all week!  The first time he did it he scared himself and couldn't figure out where the noise came from, but you cannot keep a little boy confused for long!

This week's Sunday Blog Gift and Newsletter Gift are papers and matching frames.  The frames were styled from digital tapes. Hope you have signed up for my newsletter so you can get both sets!  Just click on the link below the preview to get your gift.

This is the newsletter gift:

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freebie Time!

Hello friends and fans,

Hope you had an awesome week.  I had a mixed week.  My little Minnie became very sickly last Sunday night and I had her in the doctor's office when it opened Monday morning. Her stomach was messed up or she had an intestinal blockage but the doctor didn't think it was as serious as I feared.  He gave her fluids and he prescribed close attention to her intake of food and water plus a course of antibiotics. She began feeling better almost immediately after receiving the antibiotics. Minnie has had problems with her stomach since I've known her (4 months) and though I asked the doctor for an opinion on her first checkup, he saw no reason for my concern, he said bad breath and gas are 'part of being a dog.'  I have tried several things but none seemed to help her feel better; this seems to have been cured with the meds! I can hardly believe the change in her and I am really happy she feels so good now. So getting her to the doctor took care of what has been happening with her for a long time, not just this latest malady.

The other vexing thing has been my intermittent Internet. It is very frustrating to know I have messages and work that needs to be taken care of and I cannot rely on my connection. Grrrrr . . . hopefully it is all better now!

This week's blog and newsletter gifts are pretty paper posies. I hope you like them :)

This is the posey that will be in the newsletter on Monday.

Thanks for coming by!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday gift and the Loyalty Lottery!

Hello friends!  How are you doing this week? I hope you have been happy and productive.  I have had a productive week which makes me feel better about myself then I remember why it was so productive (I closed down my communications) and feel bad about myself again.  Sometimes I just cannot communicate with folks.  It will come over me so quickly that I am not even aware of what brings it on. I am hoping this coming week will be better and that my friends will forgive me for not chatting with them.

I've made a few new products this week and I have also been working on organizing my stores.  Needed to do some spring cleaning and pull some of the older products off the shelves and move other products to the commercial use only stores. It can get quite confusing if you don't keep a running tally of what you have been doing. If you would like to see what I have made this week just check out the tabs above for the closeups.

Hope you have subscribed to my newsletter. Tomorrow is the Loyalty Lottery drawing. You may choose one product that is currently available in any of my stores if you are the lucky winner!

As the first Sunday in April is upon us that means your blog gift for today is next month's calendar.  If you have subscribed to my newsletter, then you can get June's calendar tomorrow!  If you haven't kept up with the months or you want to have them all at once you can visit any of my personal use stores and purchase the year's worth of calendars.  Here is today's gift (just click the link under the preview for yours):

This is the preview of June's calendar:

Thanks for coming by and come back soon!