Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Still Around!

Hey Y'all!
I know you must think I've flown the coop but really I haven't. I have just been designing my butt off! I now have a designer position for a publishing firm! I will link you up as soon as the division goes online! There will be coupons and specials available for you to use on printed and bound scrapbooks! That's right! I'm designing covers and layout pages for you to use your photos on when you make a scrapbook online! It really is going to be an awesome site; there is going to be a special 'Designer's Edition' area that you will be able to choose from my designs as well as several other designers. I'm really excited about this and hope you will give us a try. If you have any special request themes, please let me know! All ideas and request will be honored and appreciated! I had no idea that the position would be so involved so I guess it's a good thing I didn't participate in that designer's contest! Please check back soon and often as I don't know the exact date my designs will be available.

In other news, Kim has been doing so much better for the last week! She is still passing out several times a day but says that she is more prepared than before. Her fluids seem to be good and the doctor says she only needs to gain about 3 more pounds! All the prayers have been so appreciated!

Joshua's EOG's haven't been too good for him. He definitely has a learning disability that is holding him back, but I know that he will persevere and excel soon!

Today is my oldest grandchild's nineteenth birthday! Timothy is definitely grownup! I wish my parents could have lived to see him today. He was such a tiny little boy and we worried he wouldn't be of average height but he out distanced our greatest expectations He is now taller than his parents and large in structure. Amazing what a few years past puberty can do for a boy!

I need to go but I just want to send out hugs for all my friends and family. I love you guys and will get back with you soon.


PS: I will still be giving away freebies, so don't think I have forgotten you collectors!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know!

I know! I'm remiss at keeping up with this blog. I promised to do better soon! I am working on a commercial adventure that I will share with you soon.

Kimberli has had some problems but is holding her own. Thanks for asking!

I will get back here soon!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Remember when you ...

Remember when you were applying for your first job and every business wanted someone who had experience? It just didn't seem fair then and now at 62 I'm feeling that way again! Well I applied to a design challenge to get a 90 day spot at a digital scrapbooking store-no, not a permanent spot, just 90 stupid days. When I went to check about the first round . . . right . . . I didn't make it. Most every name on the list already has their products at stores and have been designing for profit for at least a year some for many more. My feelings are hurt, and I'm really bummed that I couldn't make the cut. You know, I have never used the commercial use products in my designing . . . I design my own. Ever notice the kits you buy have the same tired familiar flowers or butterflies and such? Well, that's because they are purchased from a designer for commercial use and anyone can buy them and use them in their kits. I guess it doesn't pay to be original anymore. Yes, I'm bitter. Sorry. But it just stinks. If my designs aren't any good why have thousands of my kits been downloaded? If my designs aren't good enough why has a publishing company been after me for two months to sign up with them? Phooey!!!!!!!!!!! (now I feel better)