Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Y'all,

Things have been hectic around here for a while, we had a new roof installed! Loud banging is not my cuppa tea! The roof was damaged from 3 hail storms this past year and our insurance company picked up the cost of a new roof (even though the one on there was 20 years old)! We used if anyone is interested in using a great company.

The main reason for my post:  Kim (my oldest daughter) is to have major surgery on Tuesday.  They are removing the bottom of her stomach and reattaching the large intestine.  The surgery has only been performed 5 times in the whole world and it was successful three out of the 5.  The end result we are hoping for is that the food can pass, unobstructed, from the stomach to the intestine by gravity feed so it may be digested as her stomach does not function at all. Otherwise she will have to continue to have the 'enlarging' surgery every 80 to 90 days.  

She is worried about the recoup in the hospital that could be as long as 8 days so I will be staying in Winston with her.  I'm worried about the surgery itself as it took the surgeon over six hours to make the opening in her intestine for the feeding tube, so how long is this major surgery going to really take? 

The last time she was hospitalized, up there at Baptist Hospital, she found out (the hard way) that you have to make sure you are lucid enough after surgery to call the cafeteria and order your food for the next meal! I have never been to a hospital that didn't feed you automatically, three times a day.  You have to schedule your liquids too! I will be making sure she is getting what she needs and that we are keeping her sugar levels within the accepted range.  I hope there is a reclining chair in her room or a pull out cot so I have somewhere to sleep!  Don't know what I am going to do about food because I am riding up to Winston-Salem with Kim and her boyfriend and will not be able to leave.  There are food sources at the hospital but it will probably cost in excess of $25 a day and that is pretty expensive when you have a set income. So . . . prayers, please!  We need them for Kim for surgical success and a short stay and for Joshua (her young son) while she is in the hospital.  This is bound to be a very stressful time for him to not even be in the same town as his mom.

Well, thanks for your prayers and your concern. Hope you are having a great January! It's suppose to be sixty something down here in the South today!

Hugs . . .

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Part 2 of my Christmas gift to you

Hello folks.  Just dropping by to post the links for the months of July and August 2011 calendar Freebie.  For those of you who do not have January through June please see the previous post for the links. I hope to finish up with the remainder of 2011 soon.

MediaFire - click this:

Hope all is well with you; I am doing pretty good though I am so busy that I haven't even had time to talk on the phone with my friends and family!  That's a 'good thing' since staying busy is suppose to add to your longevity!