Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Layout as a Flergs Creative Team Diva!

So sad . . . no more layouts for the Creative Team of Flergs. This is the last one, as my stint as Guest Diva is over this weekend. I really enjoyed being asked and being a part of the team-they are a great bunch of ladies. Doing these layouts with a time limit really helped me focus on them and not my problems; I am sincerely grateful!

These are some photos we took at the North Carolina Zoo when we were on our way back from Virginia after seeing Dad, which turned out to be the last time. Joshua was showing off his ability to mimic the monkeys when I took the middle photo. Here it is:

Flerg's Gumnut Gully Full Kit; Flerg's Dusk till Dawn Branch & Staple; Flerg's Cottage Chic Wire Flower;Flerg's Funky Stars; Font: scrapbook by 2Peas; Adobe PS3

Hope everyone is doing good. My friend Brooke's in-laws lost their home and business to a fire a couple of days ago, please keep them in your prayers. Kim hasn't been great but she has Suzy back home now and I think that makes her feel better.


Monday, August 25, 2008

What I've Been Doing

Hey Y'all. Besides worrying myself sick over Kim (she just got out of the hospital last night) I've been torturing myself by sifting through my Dad's papers and photographs. Thank goodness he was a pack rat (I never knew he kept so much stuff)! I keep finding notes to and for me: Livia, some good photos of Timothy; Livia, read this; Livia, when you were young! It is bittersweet to find them. I'm trying to scan in all the photos that he didn't already send to me before he died so that my cousin can link them up to the names and create a family tree Book! I wonder who will go through my stuff when I die? Oooh! That's a scary thought . . . I think I need to sort through some of my junk just in case there's anything embarrassing or riskee' I don't want made public! I mean, can't you all tell what a 'wild thing' I've been? LOL! I remember Momma sending me into her bedroom to get something out of her dresser drawer and I went into the wrong drawer and found some very embarrassing (to me) photos of her! I never did tell her I found those things, ewe! Here are a couple of photos I just have to share with you; they were taken by my grandfather either in 1949 or 1950 in Raleigh, NC. Maybe this is why I call myself 'Country Liv!' I use to be a cute little thing! I am trying to 'come back' to the land of the living, it's just taking me longer than I thought. Please don't give up on me.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Race Fan!

Here's my Joshua in a racing layout, don't you just love the faces! All the elements, papers, etc. are from Flergs' shop at Specifically Dusk till Dawn & Glitters, Apt D, and Alpha from July's Grabbag. Links are under the layout. This is another layout for my guest stint for Flergs!

Just trying to keep up right now. Still have Dad in my head 24/7. Hope to get back my groove soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Layout for Flergs

Here's another layout for Flergs. Being a guest creative team member means you get wonderful goodies to scrap with. I would love to be one all the time because it makes me actually scrap! This layout is made from Megan's new kit: Dusk till Dawn and the glitters that go with it and can be purchased at Scrapbook Graphics.

Don't you think the colors are perfect for these photos! This is Suzy with her friends; sorry, but I cannot remember their names!

Thanks for asking about Kim. She has been sick, non-stop, since we came back from Virginia. All prayers gratefully accepted!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flergs Guest Creative Team Member

Hello all.
Here is another layout I did using Flergs' Apt D Full Kit. I am way behind on my Guest Spot so please bare with me. All the items for this layout may be purchased at Scrapbook Graphics. This is almost a family portrait of the Gillams but was suppose to be a group shot of the Scout Pack. Just one other family showed up for the trip but Joshua and his friends and family had a great time. That big guy on the right is Kim's husband and she is on the far left; this was taken in September 2007. (the page should be clickable)

Scout Pack 91's Field Trip to the NC Transportation Museum 9/2007
Clustered Border in Flergs' July 08 Grab Bag
All other elements and papers from her new kit Apt D

Hope all is well with y'all!

Friday, August 15, 2008


For those of you who were wondering where I have been for the past week: Richmond, Virginia. My father passed away just after midnight Sunday night. Kim and Joshua went with me to give our last goodbye's and prepare his funeral. Dad was 89 years old in June and his health was excellent the majority of his later years but he had been very lonely since my Mom passed away eleven years ago. As with all family deaths, things didn't go as smoothly as I wanted nor was his passing without stress. I have been unable to contact my brother (Tim Dunaway or James E. Dunaway, Jr.) and am hoping he will somehow see this post or someone who knows him will let him know about Dad. I am grateful that I saw Dad recently and spoke with him the week before he died. I don't have any family mementos to remember him by, but there are plenty of memories that no one can take away. Bibles, watches, rings, pens, notes, and the like will eventually pass into oblivion but I will share my memories with the younger members of my family, and they with theirs, so that he and Mom will live on in the 'family heart.' Thank you to all who expressed their sympathy and kind thoughts and prayers during this last week. I'm hoping to make an online digital album of photos to share with you soon. This shouldn't be as big an undertaking as actually scrapping the individual photos therefor making it a quicker reality.

Kind regards,

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flergs' New Apt D Kit

Hey y'all! I just now finished another layout for Flergs CT Guest Spot. I'm tickled pink to be able to actually do something for my favorite designer. This layout is made with Flergs' new Apt D Kit that is available at The image is clickable if you'd like a closeup ;)

This is my Joshua on his field trip to Patriots Point and Maritime Museum at the Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. The Pack stayed overnight on board the USS Yorktown! One of Joshua's leaders is his Dad and Kim is the Pack Den Mother and both of them slept with the group on the Yorktown. Kim is a dedicated Den Mother; even though her stomach was bad, she stayed the night when other parents gave up and went to a hotel!

I'm ready to take a breather and visit some of my buddies. I have been non stop designing and scrapping for days! See you soon.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final Installment

Hey Y'all! Here is the final group of elements to the freebie True Love Kit. Some are formal some are whimsical. Hope you have fun using them! For those of you wanting to download the entire kit at one time please go to Stone Accents Studio's Gallery/Color Challenge for July; the link will be on the preview in the gallery. Not all of the elements were included in the full kit you can only get them by downloading all 5 of the dailies on this blog.

Download Here

I am going to make a layout with the kit as soon as I can so that you can see what I had in mind when I designed it. But first I need to do another couple of layouts for Flergs since I'm her guest creative team member for August. She has been working on a new, super, boy kit that I can hardly wait to get my hands on! Hopefully, this weekend, I can begin to go see all my blogging friends. (Hi: Deb, Rose, M Kate, Marina, Rachel, Vicki, Megan, Donna Lynn, Kara, and Laurie!) I feel like I've been under a house for a couple of months and can barely see some light peeking through now. I need to call and check on my Dad again too. Did I tell you that Joshua developed a Planter's Wart? I've never heard of a child getting one. Poor little fellow has to have it frozen a few times before it will all be gone. Oh, I need to fill you in on our Virginia trip too. Wow, this post is all over the place---I think I have too little space in my brain for all I'm trying to cram into it!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yea! I'm online again!

Hey Y'all, Sorry for the delay but you can blame either Blogger or my DSL service (probably DSL). Here is another installment of the True Love Kit. This one is the butterflies and there are loads of them.

Hope you are enjoying this freebie, it really was fun to make. Please let me know what you think of it.

On with the biggie I've been working on. I was somewhat apprehensive about the final product not being what Megan might want for her creative team, but Kim said I needed to be true to myself and not be a slave to the current 'less is more' trend. I really love the Cottage Chic Kit by Flergs, so the first layout was with it. I did a two page layout because that's what popped in my head.

This is my Suzy from toddler to today and is called Watching Suzy Bloom (which she very obviously did). The layout should be clickable for a larger view but no promises! LOL! Sometimes it's astounding what you can accomplish with digital elements because some of the designers (Flergs included) do very realistic art so your layout doesn't look like a magazine ad! The full kit is available plus an add-on of matching glitter or you can purchase just the elements, papers, or glitters separately. If you haven't visited my blog before, I guess I should tell you that Flergs is my very favorite Digital Diva, you should also visit her blog and sign up for the newsletter because she is always offering freebies!

Kim never made it down Monday or Tuesday but she and Joshua are on their way now so I need to sign off. Before I go I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the prayers for Kim, Joshua, Dad, and myself; y'all are all super!


Internet Problems-Eeerrrrgggg!

Sorry guys, I just cannot upload anything today. Something is wrong with my connection and hopefully it will be better tomorrow. It took me forever just to get signed in here.

Thanks for your prayers for Dad. I spoke with him this morning and he was in good spirits and said not to worry about him. The nurse and the POA both said he is confused but I didn't find that to be so. Dad's had a larynjectomy and if you don't listen you cannot understand what he is saying and he gets frustrated and shuts down. They did tell me he probably will go back to the nursing home today.

I finished a layout for Flergs but I can't upload it either. Wish me luck for tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Freebie Installment

Hey Y'all! sorry to be such a ditz and slow as molasses too! I have been trying to fulfill an obligation that I signed up for months ago and have not completed yet. I'm really excited to be the guest designer, this month, for Flegalicious! aka: Studio Flergs at Scrapbook Graphics. I don't want to embarrass my sweet little friend by making yucky layouts, so it's taking me much longer than I figured to finish my first one. I do hope it turns out to be great, for Megan's sake. She is a top notch designer who has climbed to popularity in the digital world in less than a year! She was minding her own business, doing the digi-thing and offering freebies on her blog, when she was asked to become a professional designer! This young lady is a really talented designer, wife, and mother to two small children! Be sure and stop by her shop and see all the eye candy she has in store for you.

Without further ado, here is the link for the mats and frame that goes with the True Love Kit.

Download it Here

I need to ask you for prayers again. My dad is back in the hospital and I don't know how serious it is so will you keep him in your prayers? His name is Jim. Kim and Joshua are coming down to see me tomorrow if she feels up to it. I'll check back in with another part of the True Love Kit tomorrow evening.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey Y'all! 2nd Installment on the Freebie

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important thing-a-ma-jig! Here's part of the elements for the True Love Freebie Kit:

Here's the link!

This is just part of the elements. We still have the butterflies, birds, roses, other flowers and more to go! Come back tomorrow for another part of the kit.

Love ya,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello Y'all!! A Freebie Kit is Beginning

Today's post is not about me, Kim, or our trip to Virginia. It will have to wait until another day because right now I am under a deadline to get some things done. I haven't posted since we returned because I was sick the first several days and have been playing 'catch up' ever since!

Today's post is for a freebie. I have made a large kit for SAS and am going to offer it to you as daily freebies for a while. First up is the True Love Papers; these papers include gender neutral, pastels, brights, and themed. There are 20 papers in all for the kit and they will set the mood for whatever you choose to use with them. The themed papers are for weddings and christenings as are a majority of the elements but don't let that fool you because there are plenty of elements and papers for any type of layout. I certainly hope you enjoy them and will come back to get the rest of the kit.

I had wanted to do a layout of Kim and Bart's wedding but she hasn't come through with the photos for me yet! Gotta cut her some slack though, she has not been feeling well.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. And to my blog friends: I'll be around as soon as I can get some of my work done!