Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Newsletters, Sales, etc!

Hey Y'All!

I am going to do a newsletter!  It won't be a naggy every day kind of newsletter (I don't like those kind), I'm just going to send one out whenever I have something new to say or show so I hope y'all will sign up to receive them (look to your right, top of blog page).

Southern Comfort Scraps has just put the June Collab Ice Cream Social in the shop.  It is brought to you by 5 of the designers; each has contributed a wide variety of papers and elements. There are 13 zips with over 230 MB of goodies. PU Only. All you need to do is spend $5 anywhere in the shop and you get it for free! Awesome! I didn't contribute anything to this one as I just signed on but I will be in on the July one.
Click on the preview and it will scroll through the previews for you.
Blogger doesn't take gif like it use to :(

I have to get started on next month's collab but I will have a quickpage freebie for you soon.  A friend of mine says she schedules her freebies the same day of each week-sounds good and if I get to going good I think that's what I will do.  I'll let you know when the freebie is available in the newsletter!
Come visit me in the shop!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Products In My Shop!

Hello friends!  Well after more than 36 hours straight of packaging, uploading, description writing, and all the technical stuff you have to do to get your products in a shop,  I have finally finished with my first new kit!  It is called OceanSide and it includes a full kit (50 elements, 1 alpha, and 12 papers), a 12 glitter style add-on, a frame cluster and photo mask add-on, and a complete bundle of them all!  I need to get some rest now but my plan is to make a quick page or specialty cluster freebie for all my loyal fans.  Speaking of which, I need to hear from more of you about being on my CT; don't think you have to put out a lot.  Just be willing to download (for free) at least one kit or product per month, make a layout, a hybrid project, or the like, photograph them and post to a minimum of 3 forums, i.e.: DigiShopTalk, My Scrapbook Art, and one other of your choice. Here are some previews of OceanSide:
Thanks for checking in with me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just A Little Note About My Freebies

Hello my faithfuls!  I wanted you to know that I had to lock some of my freebies for the time being.  This doesn't mean that I will not be offering freebies, just that some of them are so intricate that they need to be revamped and put in my shop for sale.  Sorry if you missed any that were previously free.  From this point on, I will offer freebies that will stay free and the links will stay active.  Hope you all will stick by me and check out my shop when you get a chance. I promise to get some freebies on here as soon as I load my shop up!
Thanks for hanging in with me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Open!

Hello everyone!

Well, my shop has finally opened even if there is only one product in it! The reveal of the shop:

Southern Comfort Scraps

My one and only product is some doodles and brushes.  Yes, I have been working on stuff but you would not believe how complicated and mind numbing it is to learn a whole bunch of new things at one time as in Zen Carts, ftp upload sites, preview loading, description, and attribute links. Whew!  Can't say I did a good job on putting this little product in my shop; it ended up that the shop owner (kudos to Echo) fixed my Zen Cart for me. Duh  . . . can you say dunce?

Anyway, the doodles are clean and large and can be used in many different ways; I colored one and included it in the download.  It is really simple to color them.  Jut put a layer Under the doodle (Cntrl and click on the new layer icon and a new layer goes under your current layer) and color on this layer with your brush, simple!  You can also use a clipping mask above a doodle and use color or designs (papers) for clipping and also styles work beautifully.  Another option is to use the brushes in your color of choice using the color picker and even coloring these after stamping.  You can set the brush attributes so that you can get random sizes, random amounts, and directions or even dual brush attributes; have fun and experiment!

Please drop by my shop HERE and have a look.  I am planning on having a lot of kits and elements in there soon.  Don't forget that I will need a Creative Team so if you would like to get my products free by joining me send me an email to me at: countryliv at yahoo!

Hugs and thanks for being here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Big mix up! They liked me, they really liked me! LOL! I am still going to design for the shop that I thought dissed me!  Seems that my email got lost on the way with my acceptance and after 10 days a friend of mine thought she'd check in with me and Woo Hoo! I'm on my way!

Actually my trade name is already up in the shop but I have nothing for you to buy, so . . . I'm keeping it to myself until I can 'hit' you with it!  I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it . . .

I'm off to prepare some product! Just a heads up for you:  Some of my freebies will be revamped and put in my shop for sale so if you were wanting them just the way they are, grab them now because I will soon lock the links!  This doesn't mean I won't be adding freebies for you as I go, just that some of the more intricate designs will no longer be available for free.

Wish me luck guys!


PS:  I will soon be looking for a couple of lovely people to make up my Creative Team so keep me in mind if you are interested.  I think I will be asking for layouts made with the Summertime kit.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Freebie and News

Hey Y'all!

Well, I guess you thought I got a job or something! Nope.  My 'good' news that I wanted to share was that I was asked to join a shop as a designer. I was so excited . . . but, alas, no.  Everything seemed to be going fine and then . . . nothing.  I guess they decided that they didn't need me after all. Oh well, if it was meant to happen it would have.

Looks like Carolina is about to suffer through some more storms in the next few days.  My front garden was just recently designed and planted and I hope I don't lose it to bad weather.  Once it gets established, I will take some photos to share.

Went to Winston-Salem last week with Kim; she had to have one of those nuclear digestive test.  She is 10% better than she was last year which is remarkable!  The surgery she had in February didn't work. She is doing well otherwise though this stomach thing gives her a fit sometimes.  She also became a dog mommy for the 5th time!  She has a little toy Brindle Manchester that looks exactly like a Hyena to me! Never seen a Brindle in any dog breed except boxer. One day I'll get photos of her too. So the count is: 5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 children, and a grandchild on the way.  Yes, I am formally becoming a great grandmother (I think I already am and no one has bothered to tell me).

Joshua is doing great with his baseball; he is such a jock.  The biggest problem he faces now is his anxiety; divorce plays havoc with children's psyche.  He is doing really great in school though.

Okay, so I made a frame cluster with some pieces of my Summertime kit.  I love these colors and hope you like them too!
No longer available!
Look for it in my shop soon!

Please leave me a comment; I love reading what you have to say about my work. 

Thanks! Have a great week.