Saturday, November 29, 2008

Part 4 of My Traditional Christmas Kit

Hey Y'all,
Just stopping by to post the latest part of my Christmas kit. I hope you are enjoying these goodies-I have really enjoyed making them and am learning more and more everyday about Photoshop. When I look back at the first Freebies I offered I'm dismayed by what I thought was good! This part of the kit has Christmas Ornaments and includes the trees that I forgot to put in Part 3, oops! I still have borders, overlays, brushes, clusters, alpha, and papers to make! Oh well, if they don't get finished quickly they can always wait and be used on those Christmas day layouts. You can get the download link HERE!

Kim has been doing pretty good the last several days. She is still reeling from the loss of her Murphy though. Her family decorated their home for Christmas today. I don't decorate any more. I want to but I'm not able to set up the tree and carry all the ornaments and such down from the attic. I have a few small items I like to put around but mostly I use fruit and flowers for the holiday deco.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I also pray that you were not included in those people that went crazy over Black Friday and caused death and injury in order to obtain good sales prices. Please include India and Nigeria and all those who were wounded or killed in your prayers tonight; I cannot believe what's happening to our world. The weather around Charlotte has been balmy the past couple of days; we never know what tomorrow will bring anymore. I don't even pack up my summer pj's because I need them every once in a while.

Enjoy the freebie!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Hey Y'all! Hope all is well and those of you in the US are having a wonderful family Thanksgiving. And all of my friends across the world, I hope you have a lovely day too! I'm thankful for each and every one of you.

I have another part of my Traditional Christmas Kit ready for you! It's 8 bright & shiny Christmas Ball Ornaments with a hook and 1/2 of a Christmas Tree! You can see how I used the half tree in my Tuesday post for ideas on what to do with these. Go HERE to download!

I have loads of ornaments for the tree as well as packages and toys to go under it. You can make your own printable Christmas cards with these elements as I made them all at 300 PPI. I hope you like using them!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Part 2 of My Christmas Kit

Hey Y'all,

Here is a quick page preview I made from the Christmas Around the World Kit that will be available here on December 12th. I decided to make this so you could get some ideas on how to use the ornaments and elements I'm making for the Traditional Christmas Kit. Calling it Part 2 simply because it's easier! If you would like to have this quick page go HERE!

Kim was having a pretty good day today until a couple of hours ago then all hell broke loose in the grocery store. I don't know how she continues to put herself out in public and take the humiliation I know she feels when she loses control. She's a better person than I am, for sure. Amazing. She did tell me that when she has to have the 'pic' line replaced they are going to put in a permanent 'port' in her chest for the daily fluids she takes. It will be better in that she can take showers and baths without having to wrap herself in plastic wrap and tape to keep the pic line protected. If you are familiar with how Chemo is dispensed in cancer patients then you know what kind of port I'm speaking of. There is surgery to put it in and also to take it out when it is no longer needed.

Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers please.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Part 1 of my Christmas Kit

Hey Y'all!
Here's Part 1 of my Christmas kit. There will be many more to follow and when you finish downloading all the separate parts you should have a good sized traditional Christmas Kit! Be sure and check back often or subscribe to my blog so you will know when I post the remaining parts. This part includes six vintage type postcards: 3 regular printable 4 x 6 and 3 printable photo 4 x 6. Just layer your favorite holiday photo under the png files and transform it to the size you prefer! There is also a postcard back if you'd like to print on the reverse side of your cardstock for a professional look. Please post me a link in the comments section to your gallery or blog so I can see what you did! Just click HERE to download.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Sad News and Big Scare!

Hey Y'all!

What a week this has been. The weather has been frigid down here in the South and we are having a hard time adjusting to these temps.

On the 'Kim' front this week we had a very sad occurrence in that my Grandkitty, Murphy, passed away on Wednesday. Murphy at my house.

Murph was getting close to twenty years old and had been Kim's constant companion for all of them. He briefly lived with me (@6 months) about 10 years ago along with his mommy. Murphy was one of the greatest kitties that ever lived, he was intensly loyal to his family, ate anything you gave him, accepted and made friends with all the new pets that Kim and her brood could throw at him, and never ever forgot a friend. One time he thought the family dog was going to hurt me so he jumped him and sent that Shaggy dog running and yelping down the hall to hide out for a day! You could always depend on him getting in the refrigerator when the door was opended and it wasn't full and being under your feet when you wanted to cook. He has left a big void in all our lives and I'm sure he will never be forgotten as long as one of us lives.
Murphy with Diamond, one of the many dogs he put up with!
In Kim's kitchen!
Murphy with his last kitty companions, Little Bit, and BB (who is the brother to my kitty Peaches).
All 3 of them asleep on the sofa in 2006

On Thursday morning, at 10:00am, I received a call from Kim that was harrowing (to say the least)! She was in her car after shopping at Big Lots and she had a shaking and pain attack. She was hurting so bad that I felt the hurt through the telephone and asked her to call 911. She called her husband, who had just gone to bed (shift worker), and he said he'd be right there-then thought better of it and called her back to tell her to call 911. I think he was genuinely scared she was having a heart attack, I know I was. On the way to the hospital the resque workers gave her nitroglycerin and aspirin. In the emergency room they did the ekg and chest xrays and gave her something for the pain. It turns out that they were 98% sure that she didn't have a heart attack but had had a really bad anxiety attack which was probably brought on by Murphy's death. They assured her that she did the correct thing in calling for an ambulance.

So, this has been the gist of my week. But . . .I have completed the Christmas Around The World Kit! There are 18 papers, 44 elements, 3 12x12 overlays, and 10 brushes in a green, blue, white, and silver color pallet. It will be available here starting on the 12th of December along with the link to the main Christmas Around The World site where you will be able to link up with designers around the world who are contributing to this gigantic blog train. Be sure and come back on the 12th! I am currently working on a traditionally colored Christmas kit that I'll post the links too shortly-instead of making you wait too long for the completed kit, I think I will offer it in parts as it is completed.

I'm off to finish laundry and groceries before I can work on the kit! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Quick Update

The latest news about Kim's pace maker and feeding tube placement is disheartening. When she saw her gastro doctor and he said this had to be done and soon, the urgency of the need for the procedures was frightening for Kim. The doctor told her he was going to try and call in some favors so he could get her a place at Wake Forest University Hospital; didn't happen. She received the call Friday afternoon saying she has been scheduled for the procedures in January! Now I'm frightened that something bad is going to happen before she is scheduled.
Other news of Kim is that she has had several really good days! That means no vomiting but some nausea; no diarrhea but constipation; and no liquid diet but some reasonable solids! Probably more info than you wanted but so is her life.
I've spent the last few days of free (?) time working on the Christmas Around the World Kit. It's seems to be coming together quite nicely. I really love designing and putting my ideas to work but I really am too much of a perfectionist-what takes me 3 hours takes a real designer about half an hour. Oh well, I try.
Hope all of you are doing well and are getting excited about the coming holidays to be spent with friends and loved ones. I think of you often while I'm working and feel ashamed that I haven't visited or called you. The more I keep my mind on art, the less time I spend obsessing over Kim's health. I hope you understand.
Love to all,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Note

Sorry I haven't been around. Besides the obvious problems, Microsoft updated my program without warning (again) and it reset every single thing I had to it's new or first condition. Arrgh! Then Mozilla updated Fire Fox and it wouldn't let me open my mail or get to my blog! There's a conspiracy going on for sure! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I've started working on a Christmas kit for another Mega Train! I will be offering some Christmas goodies prior to the Train, that will not be included in the Mega Train Kit. Colors for the train are limited to blue, green, and silver; I'll have some traditional colors prior to those. Check back soon! I am also going to try and update you on Kim tomorrow.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kimberli Update

Hi friends,
Kim went to see her gastro doctor this morning; it was a scheduled follow up from the hospital visit. She was projectile vomiting this morning before she left. The news from Dr. Fowler has devastated Kim. She just feels that everything comes down on her and her family and how can she cope? I know that she can and maybe you know that she can but right now she can hardly do more than cry. She is so weak and her blood so low that the techs at the doctor's office couldn't get any blood from her to do labs. She couldn't squeeze that ball they give you to make your veins and arteries pop up. She called me from the doctor's office lobby because she was resting for the drive back home and also because she was so upset.

Kim has to go to Wake Forest University Hospital to have a pace maker put into her stomach along with a feeding tube. He said there was nothing else that could be done here in Charlotte and it's imperative that she get admitted to Wake Forest ASAP. There is a waiting list but the doctor said he's going to try and call in some favors so he can get her in next week. I will accompany her, of course, so that Bart can go to work and take care of the children. I just pray they will let me stay in her room with her so I don't have to get a hotel room and be away from her when she might need a familiar face. At this point we have no idea how long the hospitalization will be.

I'm asking for your prayers and good thoughts, once again, for my girl. I appreciate all of you.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

ooooh . . . another surprise for me!

Look what I received from my friend, Kara of My Studio Pink:

Wasn't this ever so nice of her? She's such a sweetheart and I'm proud to call her 'friend!' Now, I must list 6 things that make me happy and six bloggers to make them happy!

1. To hear my children and grandchildren laugh. I don't hear enough laughter so when I do it just makes everything so much better.
2. To receive a personal email from my friends or family. I get a lot of forwarded emails which I enjoy but I love to get personal emails and blog comments!
3. To be with my family and friends. All of them mean more and more to me each day as I grow older; age makes you appreciate every minute you have with them.
4. Being able to get a good nights sleep on my temperpedic bed! After having to sleep in a reclining chair for a little over 10 years, it is a blessing to have this wonderful mattress and adjustable bed so I no longer dread bedtime.
5. Having so many friends all over the world that I can contact in just a couple of seconds! Never in my wildest dreams or imagination did I ever think I could have good friends in the far corners of the world. I LOVE THE INTERNET!
6. Last but not least is Kim letting me know that she is having a good day so that I don't have to worry quite so much about her for a few hours.

I know that I keep giving out these awards and little surprise gifts to most of the same bloggers but I simply love these bloggers! Yes, I have many more blogging friends than you see listed here occasionally, but all bloggers are not necessarily artistically talented. These friends definitely are:

1. M. Kate Lim of La Vie Est Belle (Malaysia)
2. Marina Capano of Only Cute Things (Argentina)
3. The lovely Ms. Rose of Simply Rose(United Kingdom)
4. The busy and talented Brooke of Life on the Hill(Oregon, USA)
5. Vicki Chrisman of This Art That Makes Me Happy(Nebraska, USA)
6. Megan Farrow of Flergalicious(Australia)
An extra one:
7. Deb S of Union Street Musings(Nebraska, USA)

Thanks for all the eye candy and ideas and lovely photos ladies!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Odds and Ends

Hello blog friends. I have certainly been remiss lately when it comes to blogging and I am so sorry for the lapse. With all that’s been going on with Kim and the election, my mind hasn’t been focused on blogging.

Guess what? My friend Rose (Simply Rose1) of the United Kingdom got published! WooHoo! Way to go, Rose! I’m just surprised it took so long for it to happen. Please go by Rose’s place and wish her well. Our friend Vicki C is always being published but that’s like comparing apples to oranges; Vic is in a different league all together! Speaking of Vic, she gave me this Million Dollar Friend award!

Way cool to think she likes me that much! Thanks soooo much for your friendship Vic! I’ve met so many neat people through Vicki, there is Rose, Deb, Rachel, Kara, and goodness this old brain cannot remember them all. Anyway, she’s a great gal to have around-always entertaining and her talent inspires me to do more. One of these days I’m going to go out West and visit her and Deb. I’m going to pass this award on to Kara Ward (My Studio Pink), M. Kate Lim (La vie est belle), and Marina of Only cute things. These ladies have been great blog buddies and inspire me with their love of family and friends and the never ending talent that shows through in all their blogs.

Can you believe all the celebration and awareness that is going on around the world because of our election? Everyone is touting, ‘The first Black American president!’ That’s really not true. Obama is as much Caucasian as he is black and I’d be willing to stake my life on the fact that he is not the first president to have a mixed lineage! Shoot, I’m not trying to take anything away from him but when I look in the mirror I can see some black lineage myself (as can most southern Americans). I’m glad that this election got so many people off their butts and into the voting booths and that it also polarized the college students. I know we are in for change-I’m just not sure if I’m excited or scared to death!

I think my irritability problem has something to do with the fact that I have acid reflux so bad that bile is collecting in my mouth and I’m staying sick to my stomach. I can remember some of my Carolina aunt’s talking about being full of ‘piss and vinegar’ meaning the person was argumentative. I think they really had acid reflux or chronic heartburn! LOL!

With all of the above going on I forgot to let you know that my baby brother, Tim, finally called me! All his phone numbers have changed even though he swears they haven’t. I had to let him know that Dad had died and he missed the funeral; I hated that.

Take care, my friends!


PS: Here is a little freebie that can be used on layouts, Christmas cards, or package tags. I made them to go with the Christmas Around the World Kit I'm designing but dummy me didn’t look at the color swatch to see that there is no red being used! Click on the kitten!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Not going to express my views on the current political temperature of our country or which (if either!) candidate I have voted for; we are all so very different, with different value systems, needs, expectations, and wants. I'm too old to want to jump on any 'band wagon' without first considering what it will do to my life and my world. I'm also too old to fight with well meaning friends who want to influence my vote and I say to them: 'I voted, did you?' It's a personal and, for me, a religious occasion.

Kimberli is being discharged from the hospital this afternoon. They stabilized her and now it's time to 'cut her loose' and send her home to complete her recuperation from the last bout of gastro sickness. Please pray with me that she will pay close attention to her body and that the home health care service will do their jobs diligently so that she will not become comatose again. Her poor throat is eaten up from the vomiting of stomach acid and she will begin taking Nexium when she gets home. She now has acid reflux disease just like her old mom; it's the pits, but at least she will be treated for it with a good drug that should take the pain away soon. The children are out of school today so she will be welcomed home by them and that should set the tone for the rest of the evening to be happy and relaxing. Thanks to all of you, once again, for your thoughts and prayers on her behalf.

I have been working on my catalog again. Will it ever be finished? Not if I keep buying digital elements! I have agreed to do a Christmas blog train so I will be working on a holiday kit for that pretty soon. I have some ideas but if any of you have any request or ideas please let me know. I love to design kits and I wish I had more time to devote to them and that I could also work quicker; not going to happen because I'm a perfectionist that can't get anything perfect!

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Everything seemed to be going great with Kim when I received a wake up phone call from her husband yesterday morning. Within 12 minutes I was dressed and on the road for the 45 minute drive to the hospital. I arrived just 10 minutes after the ambulance and the staff was already working on her. Her sugar count wouldn't register and she was semi-conscience. The two days she had not received the liter of fluids and IV Sofran had hit her like a Mack truck during the night. She knew she was ill but didn't want to wake the children and make them go through a nasty ambulance trip to the hospital . . . Bart was out of town and it was only Kim and the children at home. When a diabetic's sugar count is high or low they are not really capable of making decisions and sometimes don't even know where they are; so it was for Kim. By the time the children awoke and found Kim, she was out. Suzy called her father and he called the rescue squad then me. Kim had previously made arrangements with the children's respective soccer coaches to have them picked up from home Saturday morning. Dummy me should have known something wasn't right when she told me that on Friday evening . . . Kim doesn't miss her children's games. She's been under constant care for over 28 hours and her heart rate has barely slowed down from the 135 bpm she was sustaining at rest; her sugar levels for the first 9 hours were too high for the hospitals testing machines so the lab had to do the counts. She started throwing up blood yesterday afternoon but at least it isn't bright red which means whatever was bleeding has stopped. She is still in the CCU and will probably remain there until Monday afternoon at which time I hope and pray she will be totally awake and cognizant of what is going on around her. I don't think she even realizes that I was with her all day and into the evening. I spoke at length with one of her doctors and he has made arrangements for Kim to have Home Health Care come out each day to administer the IV Fluids & Meds so that she doesn't have to drive to the hospital when she's so ill; it's dangerous for her and for everyone on the road around her.

Thanks for listening. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.