Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take a look!

I just had to share this beautiful card that my friend Vicki C had on her blog the other day (the image should be 'clickable' for a close up).  She is a paper scrapper and does such a lovely job that sometimes she makes me forget my arthritic hands and do some paper work. Sigh . . . she rocks!

Be sure and check out her Blog 'This Art That Makes Me Happy'

I will have some good news for you soon (maybe good news for me and not you?) . . . something is going right for me and I will share as soon as I can!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Summertime Digital Kit

Hey Y'all!

Well, I finally finished the Summertime kit.  I got the bright idea of adding bubbles and for some reason the technique eluded me!  But I got them and it is all ready for you to download.  This is the first kit I have made in two years; I have made some elements and word art but not an entire kit.  I love the color pallet so much and will probably use it again for some add-ons and such.

Sorry, this kit is no longer available :(  Please watch for a revamped kit in my store!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hugh Quickpage Album Freebie

Just a reminder that you can follow the link in the previous post to the  CoolscrapsDigital, April QP challenge contest and pick up a hugh QP album for free.  I counted 34 registered participants! So head on over and get yours!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Page Entry for CoolScraps Digital

I am entering a challenge at Cool Scraps Digital along with a bunch of other people.  Here is my entry:

If you would like to get this one as well as many, many more to make a wonderful QP Album please visit the Cool Scraps Forum and go to the April QP Monthly Contest thread.  You can find the forum HERE
I think you will be allowed to vote for your favorite QP, so pick me please!

Hope you enjoy!

Here is a preview without the banner so you can see it all:

Sneak Peek!

I know, I Know! Two post in one night? Record for me huh? Well the reason is I have been working on this bright and happy kit for you and it just isn't ready yet but I wanted to at least give you a peek at it.

I am having so much fun with this one and I hope you will come back to pick it up when it's all finished!



Oh, looky, looky! There have been two (yes, that's 2!) people who have used my designs on their crafting blogs this week! I am so excited to have someone actually let me know how much they liked my designs.

The first one was by Golden at the Gold Dust blog HERE.  She used my Easter frame in a tutorial that turned out simply marvelous.

The second one was Diane of Pittypat Paperie who has a great crafting blog HERE. Diane used my Easter eggs from year before last to make some hybrid covers for lollipops! So outrageously cute you just have to check them out.

Please drop by these blogs and let these ladies know what a great job they are doing!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just A Note

Hey Y'all,
Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a mini-kit with bright summer colors and will post it as soon as it's finished!

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Love

Remember that lovely tune by Pat Boone?  No? I'm not surprised as most people who are interested in blogs and digital scrapbooking are much younger than me and have no idea who Pat Boone is or what April Love is!  Don't know where the thought came from and why I am rambling but hey! its my blog. LOL!

My Tabba called tonight.  I haven't heard from her in a week and I was just starting to get concerned about her when she called.  I know how busy 16 (almost 17) year olds can be so I tell myself not to start to panic until it has been at least 10 days! Very, very difficult sometimes.  She has been getting up and going to bed early and applying herself more to her school work than her social life . . . not completely true but close.  She has a new love interest (April Love?) and she needed to tell me about him.  She's so good about sharing her life with me; my other, older, grandchildren don't contact me at all! Tabitha is a sweet, kind, caring, and thoughtful young lady-most of the time. Her mother is very lucky to have such a child as Tabba and she wasn't that type of child at all! :)

Here's the main reason for my post: A Freebie!  Yep, I made another because it struck me that I have never made a frame cluster freebie before; I've made them for myself but not for my followers.  So I have now remedied that!

I made this one because I remembered that we sometimes have portraits made for Easter and it would be nice to add them to our scrapbooks as well as to our walls.  I hope you can use this one; all parts were designed and made by me except the flowers but I took the photos and extracted them!

Go HERE for 4Shared                        Go HERE for Media Fire

I hope you have an awesome April weekend, whether it is the beginning of Spring or Fall in your part of the world.  We are expecting temperatures in the 80's down here in Carolina!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Free Doodle Gift

Hi Y'all!

Hope you've been having a super weekend.  The weather here in North Carolina was totally awesome today with lots of sunshine and warm temps!  Yesterday I went to Concord to watch my grandson, Joshua, play his first baseball game of the season and it was so windy and cool up there that I had on a quilted vest and a coat! The weird thing is that Concord is only 45 minutes away from my house.  I still enjoyed watching that little fellow play; he is such a 'hot dogger' at any ball game but especially baseball which is his greatest love.  He plays in the catcher position and does it with such style and precision for an eleven year old that it is amazing!  I forgot my camera so Kim took one photo with her cell for me-now if she can just figure out how to download it to her PC and email it to me :)

The doodles I made this time are for borders and corners and can be used for layout pages or frames on those pages or even on your hybrid digital projects.  I colored most of those on the preview so that you could get an idea of how they can look if you want to color them.  I colored mine by making a blank layer above the doodle I wanted to color and used either a solid brush or a gradient to color where I wanted to (it helps to temporarily lesson the fill percentage so you can see the doodled through the colors). I then hovered my cursor between the two layers and Alt clicked to make a clipping mask after which I then applied the mask if I liked the results. I know this works in PS CS and up but I am not real sure about how to go about it in PSE though I know it can be done!  The doodles are in .psd and .png so you may use them in most scrapbooking software.  This preview is clickable so that you may get a closer look.

The link for:  4shared                    The link for:  MediaFire

Enjoy and check back with me soon for more freebies!