Saturday, January 30, 2016

An Invitation To Fun!

Hello Scrapbookers!  

How are you? Do you have the seasonal doldrums and need something to spark your creativity or just to keep you awake? LOL! Will you come and join me and others in the ScrapBird forum for camaraderie, scrapbooking information, tutorials, games, and challenges? 

Free Products

We want to welcome you and encourage you to join in and receive free products just for registering in the forum!

Here is the kit you get just for registering in our ScrapBird Forum:

Here is the kit you get by posting 30 times:

Scrapbooking Challenges

Don't know what a scrapbook challenge is? Don't be shy, as none of us knew what they were until we familiarized ourselves with the scrapbooking sites! Scrapbooking challenges are a giant array of scrapbooking projects to participate in from Brush Challenges to Progressive Scraps!  At ScrapBird each challenge is listed in the forum index and you can find all the instructions and help you need right in the thread (topic/subject) you are interested in. 

My Current ScrapBird Challenges
    Brush Challenge:  For my brush challenge, I will give you a free .abr (Photoshop file) or .png (other generic digital programs) brush/digital stamp and you make a layout, greeting card, desktop, or artist trading card (ATC) using my brush and my products!  You then post your finished project, in reduced pixels, in your personal ScrapBird Gallery Album and in the thread (topic/subject) you made it for. I not only give you the free brush, you also get a Loyalty Stamp for participating in the challenge: get 6 to 8 stamps a month and trade them in for free products of your choice! A real Win Win situation!

Here is the free brush/digital stamp I'm giving away this month: 

  You can use this link to go to February’s Brush Challenge:

    Desktop Challenge:  For my desktop challenge, I design and give you a desktop template (blueprint for a personal layout you use on your computer's monitor) that you use to make yourself a pretty and colorful monitor desktop! So, you get the template for free and I also give you a Loyalty Stamp for this challenge to go with your monthly collection! 

Here is February’s free desktop template:

Use this link to go to February’s Desktop Challenge:

Not Familiar with Forums?

Don't worry about registering in the Forum or for a Gallery Album, we have all the instructions you will ever need right in the forum, in plain English! If you should have a question, speak up! We'd love to answer and talk with you either in the forum or via PM (Private Message) in our forum. Questions are always welcome because your question could lead us all into a new technique or thought pattern!

Special Forum Links

ScrapBird Forum:
ScrapBird Gallery:
Gallery and Forum Guidelines and Instructions:
Country Liv’s Challenges:
Creative Team Challenges and Information:
ScrapBird Store:
CLGraphics Shop in the ScrapBird Store:

Please click on the links to go to those pages and don’t forget to bookmark them in your browser!  Did you know you can also drag a URL (the link to a site) to your desktop and it will create a shortcut to that site for you?

Hope to see you soon!
There are many more challenges than mine so please come by our forum and have some fun!  We promise not to put you to sleep! 


Chris Allport said...

Wow Liv. It really looks like fun in the challenges for February. I will join in.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to do some of these scrapbooking challenges! So many to choose from.

Myst said...

Great post. makes it so easy to go through the Forum!
Liv's challenges are really FUN, you should try them, and the prizes are sweet!

Betsyfru said...

I am so happy you made those solid papers "just for me"! They are in my shopping cart along with a couple other of the mix and matches and your new kit. I'm having a blast at ScrapBird, doing all of the challenges!

Unknown said...

You guys are the bestest in the whole wide world! :)

Unknown said...

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